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    Theory11 vs Ellusionist

    I think your Marlo/Vernon analogy is pretty weak. I also have to disagree with black faced cards. If you took a poll over all magicians or even just a selection of say 1000, I can guarantee you that the vast majority would rather white faced cards with white borders than totally black faces and...
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    How To Promote Yourself- Essay #12 from Jamie D. Grant

    Not going to lie, that was extremely helpful, thanks! :) I don't have much experience regarding events planning, so if you were to email them, are you asking that you can work for them and be advertised in some events package? I don't quite understand, could you give more information regarding...
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    Erdnase bottom deal

    Personally, I'd criticise how you are putting the deck into the grip. For me, you spend way too long putting the deck into erdnase grip, if you were to pick up the deck into mechanics grip you would do it very naturally and wouldn't think twice about placing the deck. I would therefore say work...
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    Modern Manipulator

    I loved the skills and the technical aspect, but overall didn't like the video. The music and the "I hate living" was a bit, eh. Technical aspect, fantastic, style is a bit off.
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    Back Home/ T11 Media Question

    I second this idea. :)
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    Why should you read books instead of learning from DVDs?

    What's wrong with just learning from both? No one says you have to learn one over the other. There are advantages and disadvantages to learning from both methods. As has already been said from a book, you are able to put more of yourself in a trick and develop creativity as you aren't just...
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    Theory12's new DVD (parody)

    Well I bet those people certainly had a better viewpoint of magic after being shown this...
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    Herman Pass vs Classic Pass

    In my experience, lowering the hands and raising your head to make eye contact and ask a question. Unless they are trying to catch you out, a spectator will move their eyes from you hands to your eye level if you are addressing them with a question- it's just human nature. Also, having made the...
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    Herman Pass vs Classic Pass

    Keep in mind with the Midnight Shift that although it is easy and relatively invisible (loosely using that word) it is also (in my opinion) a rather unnatural action if just done in the hope that because you do that action it instantly makes it invisible. For me, the midnight shift is a...
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    Herman Pass vs Classic Pass

    Personally, the classic pass takes a second- surely it is within any performer's capability to make eye contact for a second. I really don't think any classic pass is burnable and should not be promoted as being so. Ben
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    In Session

    Way to go Ellusionist on cheapening the mentor experience by bringing it down to a commercial level.
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    Looking for a Specific Control

    Where is this taught?
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    Your go-to control?

    More than often a classic pass for the top of the deck, and a cull for the bottom of the deck. However there are certain tricks I do which necessitate a specific control.
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    best sandwich effect for strolling or table hopping ?

    One of the sandwich effects I use the most is in Smooth Operations called "The Chaser". I like it because of the surprises and the visualness too. Not too difficult either, worth checking out. Hope this helps. Edit: Another thing I think it has going for it is it's more of a well structured...
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    How much will you be selling your Smoke and Mirrors?

    How much do you all think v1s are worth now and v3s?
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    Apollo Robbins on the Science of Misdirection (Forbes)

    I couldn't think of anything more beneficial for anyone in magic at the moment than if Apollo Robbins were to write a book or discuss on a DVD solely about the subject of misdirection. Just from talking for a few minutes very briefly in layman's terms in those interviews, I have begun to...
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    Totally Out of Control DVD

    The last time I heard about it was when JB mentioned that they were still producing it in the "Lets talk about Genesis" roundtable discussion with Andrei Jikh.
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    what is your favourite 5 magicians in the world

    Dan and Dave are two magicians!!!! I no particular order: - Dai Vernon - Daniel Madison - Ricky Jay - Benjamin Earl - Michael Ammar
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    Would you ever cheat in a card game?

    I've noticed this subject has been cropping up a lot recently. I don't think I would but for me, it wouldn't be the false deals that I would be too scared to do for many reasons including the focus isn't really on the dealer's hands when dealing. Beating the cut would be the biggest hurdle to...
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    Jason England - Foundations 2?

    I hope "close to completion" means we have yet to see more from Jason England! :P
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