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  1. MagicShadow9

    Putting together an act

    Thank you for all the feedback you guys It is a 5 minute show and my preference is to be able to do a silent act set to music. I have spent quite a while researching almost all the little stage props i can possibly use. Canes, silks, and other random things I do have a basic outline of...
  2. MagicShadow9

    Putting together an act

    Hello Theory11, I havent been on this site for over a year. Not sure if any of you remember me at all. I took a break from online magic communities to focus more on my own magic and my busy life. But now i'm back to ask for some suggestions. However, it's on a subject that i dont think...
  3. MagicShadow9

    Can you levitate? Really?

    Yes, that too. You bring up a good point. After a performance, the audience should remember your magic, not anyone else's
  4. MagicShadow9

    Can you levitate? Really?

    Sigh... I think you people are looking at this the wrong way. If you're a magician and you've been performing to people, there almost no doubt that you'll be requested to do something. "Can you make me disappear?" "Can you levitate?" "Could you change my one into a hundred?" And all you...
  5. MagicShadow9

    Has this been done?

    There are various tricks like this scattered around in magic books. I really cant name any one right now, but i know i have read about this type of effect a couple of times. I believe, it's called a Deduction effect, but i'm not really sure.
  6. MagicShadow9

    Stage Vanishes

    Check out Illusion FX by Andrew Mayne. It's a whole video on black art illusions. Also, you can get Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. He teaches lot of easy to build illusions that cost almost no money.
  7. MagicShadow9

    Stage Vanishes

    It really depends on what you're trying to vanish. If you're trying to vanish a manipulation object (cards, balls, coins) then you can use slieght of hand. If you're trying to vanish small objects like a cane you can buy a simple prop. But if you wanna vanish large things like people or animals...
  8. MagicShadow9

    Card Manipulation Help
  9. MagicShadow9


    All those flourishes have been done and taught before. Coin flourishes arent that flexible like card flourishes. With card flourishes, you can just make up some random thing that no body has done before. But with coin flourishes, you can only do so much. So even if you think you made...
  10. MagicShadow9

    Handout 500

    I personally think its not worth it. In the Prophet dvd, Tom teaches a VERY effective method of handing out the bills so that it seems like they've examined every bill. I perform Extreme Burn, but i use that technique taught in Prophet. Every person i've performed for have said "I examined...
  11. MagicShadow9

    Important tip for your muscle pass...

    Yeah, another tip to actually achieve that goal would be top aim for your palm. So when you muscle pass it, aim for the palm of your receiving hand to make it easier to catch without moving your hand. I've actually never seen anyone grab at the coin. I always thought that it was common sense...
  12. MagicShadow9

    Dancing Canes

    Hey guys, i'm looking to buy a dancing cane. I've been searching around the net and i havent found exactly what i'm looking for. I want a one piece cane with the weighted thread system. There's a Precision Magic Cane that fits those needs but that's discontinued. So if any of you know where i...
  13. MagicShadow9

    The Rule of Three

    This really works. Johnny Ace Palmer is the first close-up magician in FISM that got the Grad Prix award (all the previous Grand Prix's were given to stage performers). Guess what his routine was based off of? The rule of three. This applies to magic, comedy, and pretty much everything...
  14. MagicShadow9

    Finding Resturaunts

    It wont matter if they have enough money, if you're good at persuasion then they will hire you. Charles Green III has an audio cd called Restaurant Magic Business which teaches you lots helpful ways to help you get a restaurant job. You're an entertainer. So if you're really good, you will...
  15. MagicShadow9

    Finding Resturaunts

    Pay attention to the little streets you might walk on every day. There are probably 5 restaurants along those streets, you just never noticed them cuz you werent looking for them. You can also go into more busy streets. Remember, looks inbetween the Pizza Hut and the McDonalds. Small family...
  16. MagicShadow9

    Rubber Cement Question

    Why dont you just use double sided tape? I'm pretty sure that rubber cement on the arm will cause you some kind of harm in the long run. I dunno, it just doesnt seem very safe.
  17. MagicShadow9

    Where can this be learned?

    I believe that's one of Ponta's original moves. So i doubt it would be publsihed anywhere. He's gonna come out with a dvd soon teaching all the coin stuff in his videos. I'm guessing this will be on there as well.
  18. MagicShadow9

    How High

    I believe that Johnny Ace Palmer said that it's not about how high your muscle pass is, it's the memory that counts. And i find that this really works. For example, I once was playing around with a coin and my friend told me to show him something. At that point, i didnt have a very great...
  19. MagicShadow9

    The Invisible Bill Switch

    I'm looking for a good source to learn the invisible bill switch. It's the classic one that involves a thumb tip. It's very practical in my opinion cuz it can be applied to so much more than just a bill switch. So if any of you guys know a good source to learn this bill switch, please let me...
  20. MagicShadow9

    Freeze the Effect

    Michael Ammar also talked about freezing the effect as in the impossible souvenir concept. For example, the mismade bill or the Annerversary Waltz giveaway. This freezes the effect forever because they are keeping this impossible object that will always spark conversation about you as a magician.
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