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    Saturday Night Contest - Inside the Box

    My guess is 22 decks!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Happy Birthday!

    Congrats Justin!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday theory11!!!
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    Best place to buy the 'Expert At The Card Table' ?

    Free download from Genii Magazine if you're looking for a PDF file, if not you can easily secure a copy on amazon.
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    Saturday Night Contest - What's Inside the Box?

    47 cards in the box.
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    Foundations Download - Problem

    You probably would have a better response time if you were to write T11 staff directly instead of posting a thread...
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    Eric Goldfarb EP or STAIRWAY by Marcus Eddie

    Eric Godlfarb EP is essentially a utility move you can use to to create card routines. Stairway is a very solid rubber band routine. It is one of my go to close up effects to perform. Really depends what you want, hope this helps. Another good way to research is to search for reviews of...
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    This has to be the slowest replies you've ever gotten... and I do apologize for not getting back...

    This has to be the slowest replies you've ever gotten... and I do apologize for not getting back in touch sooner. I hope the movie shoot went well in February. I have not move back to the United States... Do hit me up again if you're ever in California, San Francisco.
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    Got this link a while back from Lee's tweet. Hope this will give you some light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Daniel Garcia Roundtable

    1. I know you work with various companies when you release different products. What influences your decision on producing your products with the different companies? 2. Which do you enjoy more - Creating magic effects, or performing?
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    Jason England - Foundations 2?

    I guess this is good and bad news at the same time since I pretty much pick up whatever Jason puts out on 1 on 1 right away. I guess I'll never be able to take advantage of the saving some of you out there will get for buying the DVD instead of the 1 on 1s. Nonetheless, I really enjoy watching...
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    Any Magicians in Thailand?

    I've been living in Bangkok for the past 5 years. Where are you from and what brought you out here?! Welcome!
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    Do you think this is a little unprofessional?

    All companies have different reasons to realease their product at various times. I'm pretty sure Apple already have the next generation of iphones ready to ship. Are they unprofessional for not releasing it? I think not. It's just how they do their marketing to maximize the sales of their...
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    What to start with? [COMPLETE Beginner]

    I agree with all the above comments. San Francisco you say... you're in luck! There is a great magic shop on 9th avenue in the Sunset district! I've lived in SF for 7 years... but was not into magic at the time. However, when I visited SF 6 months ago I checked out the shop, and it was...
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    looking for gambling skill(i mean cheating)

    Fast Company is not bad as well. Check out reviews for all the above, should help you make a decision.
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    Are magicians too worried about who is doing this move?

    Think of it as going to a restaurant. There is nothing wrong with adding additional items to a menu (you can have 100 ways to cook a chicken). I'm sure there will be only a few ways you like to eat your chicken. If you don't like what is being put on the menu, don't order it. It really just...
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    Top Change Help

    You can check out the on-demand for the top change taught by David Williamson on D&D's site. Top Change
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    The Harbor Change by Michael Hankins

    Thanks for the review, one quick question - Is it possible to do the change in the action of handing out the deck to a spectator?
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    I recall in one of Simon Lovell's videos he mentioned that he uses regular blue/red bicycle cards the most when he performs, because Bicycle sponsors him. He gets them for free.
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    Where did you get those cards?

    I'd just hand them out and have them take a look, agree that it's a trick deck, but it only works when it recognizes my DNA. Then admit I was just pulling their leg, it's a normal deck. Done with a friendly humorous tone of course. Where to get them? Try ebay, you can get pretty much...
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