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    Card in Bottle

    Hey guys, So yesterday I was trying hard to create a new effect. I picked up a vitamin water bottle and a card and I brainstormed. I wanted to create the perfect card in bottle, and I was playing around with it and finally came up with two methods that I think are really good. Im just...
  2. RHR

    Bottom Deal Blog

    Hey Guys, So I recently put together a blog that I was interested in. I think being in the magic community there should be a few websites dedicated to strictly news, podcasts, and articles on magic. I created this blog so people can enjoy it and really be updated in the magic world. As we...
  3. RHR

    Spin Doctor

    Hey Guys, Does anybody have the trick Spin Doctor by John Bannon. IM thinking about purchasing it and i as just wondering what you guys think about it. RHR
  4. RHR

    Roundtable Discussions

    How do I save them to itunes?? RHR
  5. RHR

    The Expert At the Card Table

    Hey Guys, Just wondering, I was looking on Google and I found the Expert At the Card Table DVD set by Allan Ackerman. Does anyone know if these are any good?? I would love to look into them RHR
  6. RHR

    Rambler Playing Cards

    Hey Guys Just came across a cool deck of cards called the Ramblers. If you have them give me some info. Tell me if there good for magic or no good. If you don't know these cards here is a link of what they look like. 1.
  7. RHR

    Diagonal Palm Shift

    Does anyone know what page the Diagonal Palm Shift is in Erdanase? Also.. What is the best source to learn the move??
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