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    Anybody own Strong Magic?

    I own the Strong Magic book and what I've read I have liked. But recently I have been too busy to go through and read the whole thing while keeping my practice schedule. So anybody that owns it have any suggestions to what I should read first? Page numbers? Avatar
  2. Avatar603

    Input on "Super Best Friends" South Park Episode

    Hey what do you guys think of that Southpark episode "Super Best Friends"? It's the one about David Blaine doing street performances and he eventually starts a cult and tries to make it a religion. It overly exaggerates his magic, but still. If you haven't gotten a chance to see it watch here...
  3. Avatar603

    Friend or Foe?

    Look guys. I know I'm a newbie. I'm getting there. But I'm just wondering how I see people fresher than me making friends with the creators. I don't see how this works. I have a few posts, I have picture albums. I only have my one friend who reffered me to this site when he discovered it. Tell...
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