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  1. Farrell

    I'm off.

    Yeah I'm leaving, if you don't know who I am just look over my previous posts and that's the type of guy that I'm not anymore so peace out.
  2. Farrell

    Be a good person.

    This may well be the best thing on the internet. Donate.
  3. Farrell


    OK so the reviews are in and everybody says they suck. What do you theory11 members have to say about this considering you hyped them up so much to be the new jerry's and only release 250 'cause they are so rare, honestly who gives a **** if they are rare, jerry's are still rare now because they...
  4. Farrell

    About Schwing.

    I was just wondering if Mr.Kenner was at all inspired by "arise comrades" by Eric Mason (Pabular Vol.1 No.8 Page 118-119) as they are the same effect with almost identical methods, so I was just wondering if Chris Kenner acknowledges Eric Mason or Fred Robinson anywhere for the idea or even if...
  5. Farrell

    The review thread.

    On the latest forum posts I see 4/5 are reviews , so all , please post your reviews here , thanks.
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