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  1. Chad Sanborn

    Saturday Night Contest - One Hand Only

    This is a true one handed cut! Great job!
  2. Chad Sanborn

    Saturday Night Contest - One Hand Only

    Most of these are great! But they aren't really one handed cuts. And some aren't using the entire deck. Maybe im missing something. But shouldn't you not use 2 hands and actually have to cut the cards?
  3. Chad Sanborn

    Redeem a Spin Win?

    Just had the same thing. Got a popup that said I won 250 elite member points. Then nothing. I took a screen grab just in case!
  4. Chad Sanborn

    Saturday Night Contest - Pasteboard Mentalism

    for anyone interested in my effect here is how it worked: 1. I stacked the top half of the deck like this, As 3h 5c 7d 9s jh kc. Keep repeating the pattern of s,h,c,d and all the odd cards until you run out. The last card in the top half will be the Kd. I put a Breather Crimp into this card...
  5. Chad Sanborn

    Saturday Night Contest - Pasteboard Mentalism

    Here is my entry into this weeks SNC! It uses a normal deck of cards which can be examined after you are done and requires no stooging of any kind. It combines 3 principles to make it work. Thanks to Steve Beam for showing me the basics of this. You Da Man! I shot with 2 cameras to make it extra...
  6. Chad Sanborn

    Saturday Night Contest - Capture The Moment

    Thanks for the honorable mention!
  7. Chad Sanborn

    Saturday Night Contest - Capture The Moment

    Here is my entry!
  8. Chad Sanborn

    t11.bulletin - BE KIND CHANGE by Tony Chang

    If I am not mistaken, and I quite possibly could be, but I think this is a Jon Racherbaumer idea and published under the title of the Lateral Palm. oops that should read "longitudinal palm"
  9. Chad Sanborn

    Magicians in NC

    I used to live in Raleigh and you should go to the Magic Corner and talk to Jon. He can connect you to everything magic in the area.
  10. Chad Sanborn

    July 2009 :: No Doubt About It

    I see self doubt as a good thing. It's part of the life cycle of every performer. Self doubt can best be summed up as 'taking stock of your performance'. When you have doubt you usually break yourself down to your most basic self through analysis. This is a good thing. From this you learn...
  11. Chad Sanborn

    Magic for extremely smart people?

    Every once in a while you will find someone, who can explain wha they saw you do. Though if you performed and didn't just do a trick, they will take you aside and discuss it with you away from others. At least, this has always been my experience. I don't think I have ever had someone blurt out...
  12. Chad Sanborn

    Do you have a magic website? Chad
  13. Chad Sanborn

    Crotch Hold-Out?

    So you just put stuff near your crotch? Or are you holding items between your legs? Can you elaborate? Chad ps...Hope that the person who did reach was a woman!
  14. Chad Sanborn

    Teasers for TnR and Witness, when can we see them?

    "You bet your Asher" when I "Witness" "Deuce Bag", I will be "Losing Control" Sorry, couldn't resist. Chad
  15. Chad Sanborn

    The Random Picture/Picture of Yourself Thread

    By the look on Chris' face, he can't believe she is standing their with him either! Chad
  16. Chad Sanborn

    Perfect Asunder? Here is the video I saw of Perfect Asunder. Its not the best quality but I think you can see how good the effect looks. I have also seen a video by Gared Crawford of an effect called Unripped. This looks as good as PA, but apparently the method leaves...
  17. Chad Sanborn

    Magic Cafe down?

    Same here! Wonder if they shut down? Chad
  18. Chad Sanborn

    Perfect Asunder?

    Anyone have info on a T&R card effect called Perfect Asunder? Its by a magician from Finland who goes by the name Mix Star (Mikael Mikkonen) How does this compare to other T&R card effects out their? Is the original Torn Asunder ever going to be released? Chad
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