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  1. BaByCatXD

    Saturday Night Contest - Traditional Card Lotto!

    King of Diamonds :) (KD)
  2. BaByCatXD

    Message from Kate :P

    Results, I lost like by 5 votes or so it was a fierce battle between me and another marketing company for the full website upgrade. But since the results were so close they will consult with me and everything,so that's still cool that they take care of both finalists :). I would like to...
  3. BaByCatXD

    Message from Kate :P

    Yeah it's in French, because my local webmaster is in Montreal and they speak French :P
  4. BaByCatXD

    Message from Kate :P

    Hey boys, Hope you didn't forget about me. I will have neat performance video for you all in end of march :). Here is the thing, I will go straight to the point with my message. I am running a contest, in parrallel I am myself in a contest and VERY close to winning... What do people win when...
  5. BaByCatXD

    Hey Rich, sorry for the delay of the reply, I am more active on my youtube account in replying...

    Hey Rich, sorry for the delay of the reply, I am more active on my youtube account in replying. I will let you know next time I come by NYC, but for now I haven't scheduled it to be in the near future. I travel more often to Vermont.
  6. BaByCatXD

    (db).bulletin : Split Spade : 2008 Image Awards - WINNERS POSTED Just thought it would be unfortunate to waste some of my modeling pics...which happen to be pictures with splitspades, great contest idea by the way and nice submissions :) good luck to all, cheers, Kate
  7. BaByCatXD

    Carolina Change

    Hmm I am performing the Carolina change btw ...and that I do on youtube, but anyways... You realize my friend elaborated the change independantly and allowd me to perform it... I feel as it is a bit upsetting that you openly ask for a tutorial for someone elses work. The full name given by...
  8. BaByCatXD

    Welcome to theory11, card artists!

    Awesome , we have a cardistry section XD...I am kind of excited about decknique uniting with theory11... :) I think Richard has made a wise decision!! Alright for those who do not know me... I am a female cardist :), nationality: name is Kate...some call me BaByCat ... as it's my...
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