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  1. HaveOuts

    Pen routine

    Good angles man, keep up the good work.
  2. HaveOuts

    My original handling of The Devil's Elevator

    Thanks for the feed back, and yes of course...the devil's elevator is super simple, only meant to fool laypeople.
  3. HaveOuts

    My original handling of The Devil's Elevator

    Thank's for the feed back, I redid the trick...tell me if you think it's better.
  4. HaveOuts

    My original handling of The Devil's Elevator

    Hey ya'll, this is my original handling of The Devil's Elevator. Enjoy, - Steve!
  5. HaveOuts

    Saturday Night Contest - Your Deck Trailer

    So far (in my opinion) you're the one to beat. Great job, and good luck.
  6. HaveOuts

    Forum Account Question

    I suggest sending RickEverhart a PM.
  7. HaveOuts

    TG murphy deck flip

    formula is correct, your finger is causing it to happen...had the same problem when I was first learning how to do it years ago. It really is just a flick, nothing more, nothing less. Try doing it with half the deck or even with just a packet of 10 or so. It's a knacky move, and will...
  8. HaveOuts

    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Shot Challenge

    Eh, I dunno about that...but thank you, I really appreciate the compliment. I'm happy you enjoyed it. :) - Steve
  9. HaveOuts

    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Shot Challenge

    LOL, thank you. Yeah, Polly...she is always chasing my cards when I throw them. She barely plays with her toy mouse we got her, but start tossing some Bicycle out! Haha - Steve
  10. HaveOuts

    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Shot Challenge

    My 2nd submission: On a shelf 5 ft 7 inches up on the wall is an empty tuck-box with a red backed card on the flap leaning against the wall. I am sitting a solid 12 ft away or so...the object is to throw a card and hit the red backed...
  11. HaveOuts

    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Shot Challenge

    My submission:
  12. HaveOuts

    My Edited Video

    Well...the music was good. - Steve Postscript: It's rather pretentious to say "and I'd just like to know what you all think of it." then add "By the way please only leave positive feedback," People are going to call it as they see it, they aren't going to watch you mess up such a novice move...
  13. HaveOuts

    How much would all of these be worth?

    I think the best thing to do in cases like these is to just search Google and Ebay. You can easily find the market value for your items, and like it has been said before, something may be priced at $25 dollars, but it won't sale for that much unless someone who has some real cash to spend really...
  14. HaveOuts

    Playing Cards!

    LMAO ... I mean ... NO! NO! You up'ed me and Corey! How could you Toby! Why man? Why?! (shakes fist)
  15. HaveOuts

    Playing Cards!

    Bet cha don't have a Massa deck...or a De'vo Blades deck signed by De'vo! I do! (well in a week or so) BOOYA! Neener neener! Neeeeeener...neeeeeeeener!!! - Steve
  16. HaveOuts

    Misdirecting Our Audience

    When I tell an audience that I am placing a coin held at the tips of my index and middle fingers of my left hand into my right hand, the complete truth is being told. That coin does touch the palm of my right hand as my fingers curl around those fingers of my left, concealing it from view...
  17. HaveOuts

    Introduce yourself

    Welcome aboard CardArtJ! Glad you're joining us here at T11, I checked out your three videos on your Youtube channel and that's some nice handling for sure. While I really enjoyed the flourishes, I'd have to say Time Traveler was my favorite video thus far. I am looking forward to seeing more...
  18. HaveOuts

    What did Dai Vernon Influence?

    It's really late here where I am at and I will surely comment more, unfortunately I am heading to bed. However, you maybe happy (or disappointed, perhaps both) to see that a day or so ago I posted a small documantary about Dai Vernon which can currently be found on Page 2 (the disappointing...
  19. HaveOuts

    Introduce yourself

    Hello, my name is Steve and I enjoy being periodically tasered by random law enforcement agencies from around NorthAmerica. Next year I am planning a trip to Burundi, presently their police are not equipped with taser guns, however, they tend to make due with a box spring and car battery. So I...
  20. HaveOuts

    Beginning Magician

    Wow, I really got under your skin didn't I? LMAO. 3 post going back to the original OP's comment have been posted above your new comment, it's over...get over it, and yourself and you'll be much better off. Also, telling another member of the forum how they should or should not construct a post...
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