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  1. hijackedmagic

    Saturday Night Contest - DG's Creativity Challenge of Doom

    Dang. I don't have anything.
  2. hijackedmagic

    Saturday Night Contest - The {t11} Easter Egg Hunt

    I found 0!! :D I hate all of you.
  3. hijackedmagic

    11,000 members

    We need 11 more members until we have 11000 members.
  4. hijackedmagic

    This Morning...

    Andrei Jikh can do Jackson 5... with a tomato.
  5. hijackedmagic

    Saturday Night Contest - In The Air Tonight

    Does it have to be us?
  6. hijackedmagic


    An Xbox 360 points card.
  7. hijackedmagic

    Saturday Night Contest - You Can Feel The Pressure

    My cartoon character dislikes this.
  8. hijackedmagic

    This made me laugh...

  9. hijackedmagic

    Saturday Night Contest - {dg} We Need to Talk

    1) Who or what is your one main inspiration? 2) Do you remember the reaction from the first trick you ever performed in public, and if so, what was it? 3) Nowadays, it seems like every trick is a copy of a copy of a variation of a copy. What is your creation process for coming up with such...
  10. hijackedmagic

    New Category Format

    I noticed that today! I like it, more space.
  11. hijackedmagic

    Need Inspiration

    I know how you feel, Cringe. I've felt the same the past few months. After I started animating and making games, I feel like I'm slipping away. I love both hobbies, but animating takes all my time away. So, I'm going to watch this thread, and hopefully we can both get through it.
  12. hijackedmagic

    Siegfried and Roy perform with tiger in final show

    Agreed. And for him to be able to perform with Montecore, after all he'd been through, that's amazing.
  13. hijackedmagic

    Making my own magic website
  14. hijackedmagic

    1-on-1's for Loops

    I have to agree with these guys. They don't sell loops, why would they teach them?
  15. hijackedmagic

    theory11 special bulletin :: {anonymous} unveiled

    It wasn't, it was Danny.
  16. hijackedmagic

    theory11 special bulletin :: {anonymous} unveiled

    Danny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called it!
  17. hijackedmagic

    Saturday Night Special Event - The Unveiling of Anonymous

    If it's DG, I called it. You can quote me on that.
  18. hijackedmagic

    Saturday Night Special Event - The Unveiling of Anonymous

    Dang, our mods are like ninjas.
  19. hijackedmagic

    Saturday Night Special Event - The Unveiling of Anonymous

    He's hungry in Hungary. Oh, the irony! :D PS - I was seriously just about to make an account called "Anonymiss" but decided against it. I had the registration form filled out and everything, but exited.
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