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  1. Glenn West

    Digital Dissolve - Manuscript Included

    I recently purchased Digital Dissolve from my local magic shop, and I was wondering how you access the included Steve Duschek manuscript. Is it a file on the dvd, or is it supposed to be a hard copy included? From what I understand, this magic shop purchased their copies of Digital...
  2. Glenn West

    That change from D&D with a snap

    I have no idea what the name of it is, so I couldn't do a search, but does anyone know what the name is, and where one can learn that change they do in their T11 video with the out jogged card, that they snap their fingers over? Thanks Glenn
  3. Glenn West

    Have you ever . . .

    I was wondering the other day, with all the talk about downloading magic "illegally," I was wondering about a few questions I have for my fellow magicians. For example, how many of you have ever downloaded a movie? Any who, I wanted to make a poll, with a varying array of answers, with...
  4. Glenn West


    I actually just have a question, are we able to make polls to accompany a thread? thanks Glenn
  5. Glenn West

    Theory11 Music

    Hey everyone. I remember there were places you could download the T11 music, all the different compositions and all, for different video contests etc, but I can't remember where. Can any one direct me to where I could download all of the T11 music? Thanks Glenn
  6. Glenn West

    How do we upload an avatar?

    In the options it has an option for NOT having one, but I cannot un click it, and I cannot find a spot for uploading one. Also, the profile pic seems to not be accepting a regular jpg file that I use for my avvy regularly. Thanks Glenn
  7. Glenn West

    Theory11 Superhero?

    Well, I wasn't sure where else to put this, but this was something that Kenner said during the initial hype for Theory11. He said it was his favourite clue so far and it was just 'superhero.' The thing is, no one seemed to really find what it was meant, or was to lead us. Does anyone...
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