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  1. Elok

    M-Case questions

    I understand that M-Case is extremely new, so it is possible that not many people will know much about it... but I had a couple questions. My first question is, how durable is the gimmick? Does it damage easily in a pocket? Does it bend or scratch easily? My other question was, how noticeable...
  2. Elok

    Animal Kingdom: a bit of a disappointment

    So the other day (right before I left for a weekend vacation) I received the deck of animal kingdom cards I ordered. First impressions were not the best... to say the least. I opened the box and dug around in the packing peanuts until finding the deck. When I pulled the deck out I noticed...
  3. Elok

    Follow the Rabbit vs. In the Rabbit Hole

    Okay guys. I was looking through the market place And I found "Follow the Rabbit" by Nguyn Ngoc Tu. Then I saw his newest release "In the Rabbit Hole." After watching the trailers it seems apparent that "In the Rabbit Hole" is just a variation of "Follow the Rabbit." Out of the two which one...
  4. Elok

    Odyssey ring. Made from which metal?

    So, I ordered Odyssey and I love it. But I was trying to figure out what the ring is made of. They said it is solid metal, and it feels really heavy. Also, the darkness and shine is something else. Does anybody know what metal it's made out of?
  5. Elok

    Eye color?

    Okay guys, here's the deal. I was thinking about effects that would be insanely cool. And I thought "What if there was a trick were I could change my eye color?" and so I decided to reach out and see what you guys know. Thanks!
  6. Elok

    Happy Birthday Jonathan Bayme!!!!!!!!!!

    UGH! I missed it! Better late than never tho! I wish you a very happy birthday Mr. Jonathan Bayme! If I had an infinite amount of money I would pay for you and some of your friends to go to the ISS so you could be the first people to do magic and cardistry in space!
  7. Elok

    Shipping questions

    So the other day a friend and I went in on a rather large buy (large for us) and we were hoping to get it by the Saturday, if we are lucky maybe Friday. We ordered around noon on Tuesday and chose the $15 2-day option. So as of now that was yesterday. My question is this: does the 2-day mean...
  8. Elok

    Odyssey questions

    Does Odyssey have refills? If so is just the gimmick included, or does it come with both rings? Also, how much is a refill?
  9. Elok

    Theory eleven shirts

    Are the shirts for both male and female?
  10. Elok

    Happy Birthday Andrei!!!

    Happy Birthday Andrei Jikh! I wasn't sure what day your birthday was on, but I am pretty sure that it was this past week so... Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Elok

    What is this trick?

    Hello guys, I have seen a trick multiple times now that involves a dollar bill and I long desperately to learn it. The effect is that you borrow a spectators dollar and have them sign it. You then proceed to move the little security letter from one side of the bill to the other. Does anybody...
  12. Elok

    Will they return?

    Will T11 ever bring back sold out decks? Or maybe depleted elite products?
  13. Elok

    Chaos questions

    Simply, is it worth it? Is the quality of the video and whatever you receive as good as they say?
  14. Elok

    I am very disappointed with what T11 is allowing in the media

    Recently I have been going through the media section and there are a lot of cool videos. However, this does not make up for the fact that a whole bunch of the videos in the media section are highly offensive. They showcase explicit use of the F-word, and other curse words. They also contain...
  15. Elok

    Holiday wheel help

    So I went to check on my holiday wheel progress and it said that I had a free spin! But then when I clicked on the "get your free spin" button it kinda spazzed and said that I couldn't get my spin for 20 hours or something like that. Was that because of my laptop? Or was it from the holiday...
  16. Elok

    Surface 2.0 questions

    I recently bought Surface 2.0 and was sorely disappointed because I did not have the only outside material needed. Does anybody know where I can buy our friends that make the trick work?
  17. Elok

    Saturday night contest questions.

    Hello guys, I have a question concerning the Saturday night contests. How often do they occur? From what I've seen they don't happen every week. But I always miss them when they do happen. I would like to know if they have a set schedule or not.
  18. Elok

    New trick! "Recycle"

    Hello! Me again, I have this trick I think I should put on the market. I wanted to first check and see if people would like it. So the trick is you take a crushed and empty soda can. You wave your hand over the opening, this reseals it. Then you slowly shake the can side to side and the can...
  19. Elok

    Decoy questions.

    I've been looking at buying Decoy (the diminishing deck) but I wanted to know how fragile the gimmick is. Would I be able to carry it around in my pocket for extended periods of time safely?
  20. Elok

    New two card transposition.

    Hello forum world! I have this two card transposition routine I came up with last night while laying in bed. I was thinking about trying to put it on the market but wanted to see if anybody would pay for it. The routine includes color changes and a transpo.
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