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  1. Vzayy

    Youtube/Instagram and Marketplace ?

    Hello everybody, I know this question has probably already been asked quite a few times. I was wondering if it was possible to submit an effect on the marketplace and to also have it on my youtube channel or instagram account ? Cheers.
  2. Vzayy

    No Virtuoso 2018 Deck

    Thoughts about that ? Are you as disappointed as me ? I hope they make us an amaizing deck for 2019 (or maybe even 2).
  3. Vzayy

    Designing cards software

    Hello, I began designing decks on drawing software but one which is probably not really suited for designing cards. So I wanted to know if you have any recommandations of which software to use ? If possible, one which is available for free. Thanks !!
  4. Vzayy

    Brick Box ??

    Hello, I wanted to know if we buy 12 decks (a full brick) or 6 decks (half a brick), do we get a brick box with special design on it or do we just get the decks ? Does that depends on the deck ? (I saw that for the Mystery Box for 12 decks we get the special wooden box, but for other decks there...
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