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    Saturday Night Contest - A Shuffled Chaos

    3 of hearts and 4 of hearts
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    SYMPHONY by Daniel Garcia :: Now Available

    My order number is 45169.
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    Who are on the Split Spades court cards?

    I heard Houdini was one of the cards.
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    Bicycle Karnival Deck... VERY Short Review

    I do like this cards especially the backs but the one thing I can't stand is how the court cards look. The color I believe just clashes with the backs.
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    eXile by Mathieu Bich

    What exactly is the benefit of me preordering Exile and not just waiting till October 10th?
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    P.S.P - Plates for Speed Up of Pass, Akira Fujii

    Nate helped translate but its dubbed by ORION.
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    My first magic act

    The Iron Garrote was the one that went wrong. My dad even told me he figured something went wrong but like the professional I am I pretended as nothing happened. Thankfully enough it wasn't my closer and Distortion was. It sure as heck made people forget all about The Iron Garrote.
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    My first magic act

    Well if can't figure out by the title I had performed my very first stage magic act last night for my college student showcase. There were roughly 30 or so people in the audience so I was just a bit scared. My routine conisted of 5 tricks Bowling from Shock FX, Professors Nightmare, Goalmine...
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    Saturday Night Contest : Caption This

    DG: If you can grab this ninja out of my hand you will have mastered the ego change. WH: I'd rather just cut your hand off.
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    Special Announcement : Wynn Decks - Limited Supply Released

    I wonder how many of the Wynns were ordered?
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    Artists page

    Hey when did Daniel Madison get added to the Artists page? I only just checked because of Danny Garcias title now says nunchuck specialist /theory11 which to my understanding is reserved for members of theory 11.
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    Bill Malone

    The dvds he has out are both performance and teaching. I recommend getting his first dvd set "On the Loose" first. It has much routines overall but either set is awesome. Bill Malone is the man!
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    I love live TV - Phenomenon!

    I thought Erans routine was stupid and dangerous. It obviously would have been better if he hadn't got bitten but still it was really another version of his Russian Roulette routine from two weeks ago. Mike Supers routine was pretty good. Great charisma he really had the audience going and a...
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    I love live TV - Phenomenon!

    I think that whole thing was meant to be a joke. I mean the last two people on the list that have accepted are hilarious as all get out.
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    I love live TV - Phenomenon!

    And at the very bottom of that particular is this lovely disclaimer saying "©2006 Applied Thought Technologies LLC and Jim Callahan This site products and presentations are presented for purely entertainment, educational and artistic purposes. This statement is true in reference to all sites in...
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    I love live TV - Phenomenon!

    I don't recall ever Callahan ever claiming to be real. Heck go on his website he claims to a *GASP* entertainer!
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    Factory Sealed - Review

    Thanks Justin for the input on the effect. I think his comemnts alone should be able to answer many of questions about Factory Sealed.
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    The Haunted Swing -- Just in time for Halloween!

    Thats pretty freaky.
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