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  1. Chriz0r

    Talking about Le'Paul Spread...

    i'd say tally-hos and bikes. :)
  2. Chriz0r

    Cheating Buying

    lol thats not as bad as people uploading the dvd's...
  3. Chriz0r

    Current Wish List

    STATIC! and a lot of jerry's :o
  4. Chriz0r

    When layman ask you to teach him a trick...

    i just teach them the erdnase colour change. xD
  5. Chriz0r

    What's Wrong With Sweaty Hands?

    never had sweaty hands, im a cold blooded bastard. :P
  6. Chriz0r

    Which Dan + Dave DVD?

    you wont learn a lot from everything else, just under pressure or something, but if you can only buy one of them, pick tricks up.
  7. Chriz0r

    Clipshift by Chad Nelson

    angle proof from all angles
  8. Chriz0r

    Palming help

    read your sig.
  9. Chriz0r

    How to carry magic for restaurants...

    a deck is the only thing i have with me. :P
  10. Chriz0r

    New Playing Card Designs

    you should have 3 jokers, 2 same ones and one that reveals a card, would be cool. :P
  11. Chriz0r

    Is it legal?

    it is illegal and the magician can send a letter to youtube to remove it, if the move is copyrighted.
  12. Chriz0r


    I agree with the springy stock.
  13. Chriz0r

    New Color Change Routine

    ... always those kids saying that they made stuff up when they're not even original. and if it is original its useless, try looking for "display tutorials" on youtube and you'll see some funny stuff..
  14. Chriz0r

    Bicycle Raiders?

    my heart stopped when i saw the joker. O_O edit : Kontents, its $50 for 12, not for one. :P
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