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  1. spencer peterson

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Homer Liwag

    1) How were you first introduced to perform at the Illusions restaurant? Could you share any experiences from there? 2) Why are you Filipino? Spencer Peterson
  2. spencer peterson

    You can't pick-up chicks with magic?

    Or is it your spelling?
  3. spencer peterson


    I would recommend anything by Joshua Jay, this DVD is basically his old lecture, which is phenominal. Also, if you wait a little, you can get their John Bannon DVD that they're going to release in the near future. SP
  4. spencer peterson

    Presenting "The Big Tiny" by Paul Harris

    Lubriderm is creamy.
  5. spencer peterson

    Presenting "The Big Tiny" by Paul Harris

    Do you mind if I play around with this presentation? I have some ideas that would fit my style. Good job mad dawg! SP
  6. spencer peterson

    IBM Annual Convention :: On the News

    Stephen Bargatze is great.
  7. spencer peterson

    Simon lovell gambling moves or darwin ortiz card cheating?

    Between Simon and Darwin, I would choose the Darwin Ortiz video... hands down.
  8. spencer peterson

    Chris Mayhew's Cardsexchange

    If anybody is interested, I wrote a review of Chris Mayhew's Cardsexchange download from Vanishing Inc. here: Thanks!
  9. spencer peterson

    CCC Team formation in Calgary and area.

    Tyler Wilson has walked in Calgary, thus making it awesome.
  10. spencer peterson

    Where can I buy Jerry's Nuggets for under $30?

    I beilive Chris' name deserves to be spelled correctly and be capitalized. You won't find a deck for less than 30$ online.
  11. spencer peterson

    Saturday Night Contest - Luke Dancy Roundtable

    - When creating magic, do you brainstorm specific ideas, or do you let things in everyday life inspire you? If the latter, how was Misprint conceived? - What are you ideas/opinions on the so called "street magic" today? - When performing, do you have a specific style and character based on you...
  12. spencer peterson

    Five Second Magic Trick

    Seems llike a buck twins trick.
  13. spencer peterson

    Tannen's Magic Camp

    Tannen's Camp is GREAT, been going for 5 years now and I always have a great time. I'm sure romantic picnics with Lee Asher must be great, and the private sunset kayak rides with Aaron Fisher have to be so arrousing, but Tannen's Camp is awesome and much closer to you than CANADA... You know...
  14. spencer peterson

    David Blaine autographs?

    I'm sure they're real signatures. The demand for them isn't high enough for DB to get lazy and have the autograph printed.
  15. spencer peterson

    "Being yourself" is overrated...

    The term means to not have a fake personality, you want to exagerate being yourself a tad.
  16. spencer peterson

    Truffle Shuffle

    It's not like the Hank Miller shuffle, but I only recommend this for the serious cardman. It is a move that only works if done perfectly.
  17. spencer peterson

    What is Theory11?

    I'm extremely interested in seing Jonathan Bayme's response to this.
  18. spencer peterson

    Saturday Night Contest - You Can Feel The Pressure
  19. spencer peterson

    Magic Patter in French - International Night

    Disez quand d'arreter bon, je vais le prendre et la mettre au milieu laissant la <<< en haut tenez votre main comme la mienne ok je vais....... que vous avez choisi tenez votre main comme moi aussi conte a 3 retournez vos cartes
  20. spencer peterson

    Magicians to see in Las Vegas?

    Mac King is awesome.
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