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    Showing the wrong card...

    or just have them sign it hmm simple solutions
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    what flourishes to learn?

    sybil and moleculte
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    Stingers in Flight : Images by Andrei Jikh

    how thick are these cards
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    theory11 image bulletin - This Week You Will See

    anybody here for chad nelson
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    I'm not thrilled about "The Trilogy".

    hey look were as long as the trilogy and thensome lol
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    one by daniel madison now go practice
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    I'm not thrilled about "The Trilogy".

    just a though but isnt this there take on classic effect like twin split remix and swiss made therefore you should already know some pattering for these effects, just a though
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    Jerry's Nuggets

    yard sales wanted adds and other places in a watermelon or gmoms attic etc
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    Clipshift Help

    7 months and counting still not good enough for me
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    Clip Shift

    well it take me 5 months and counting to get it down just keep practicing
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    Sweaty Hands

    can can use the hand wipe as cover for say the 26 shift
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    Essential reading materials?

    Strong magic by darwin forget effects if you can show it
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    Clipshift noise and hands

    Hey it not your hands its the way you shift the cards i still make noise after 6 months of practice and my hands are huge 52
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    do they handle like normal arrcos
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    Deck Production

    try john carreys book the name escapes me but i think its on dan and dave site i think the trick is poor mans deck manupaltion could be wrong
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    How do I take my magic to the next level?

    do stuff other then pick a card for example stuff on the trilogy its all in your hands
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    Cardini Vs. Ego Change

    ego change is such slower cardni is bang bow boom its changed
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