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  1. vigil32

    2017 theory11 Holiday Contest!

    Can we have the status on the big prizes?
  2. vigil32

    Low stock

    T11 is out of a lot of items. I’ve seen other people in the forums ask when certain items are coming back. I’d like to spend more money around here, but I have all I want from T11 right now... I’d like to see more variety or a lot less “sold out” stuff. Even the elite items are running low.
  3. vigil32

    Who and how many?

    How many purchases does a typical trick get? How big is the T11 marketplace audience? What's the record for most purchases of one trick?
  4. vigil32


    It has occurred time there is no central location....or is there?
  5. vigil32


    Where is T11? Where can I send it a post card? Where is the warehouse?
  6. vigil32

    Zodiac thoughts again

    That was a helpful response. Thx
  7. vigil32

    Zodiac thoughts again

    My last post was deleted, not sure why, as I only stated what was published. So, let me just restate some published facts: Zodiac says you need a smart phone. I did not see a smart phone in Spidey's nor David Copperfield' performance. I don't see how this the same trick.
  8. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest - Something Rare

  9. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest: Animal Kingdom Predict

    Dog. Cat. Rabbit.
  10. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest - See The Unseen

    213 412 218
  11. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest - Are You Psycho?

    lion tiger bear
  12. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest - A Shuffled Chaos

    3 of diamonds 7 of diamonds
  13. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest - You Don't Know JAQK!

    Steve Cohen1 Patrick Kun9 Blake Vogt2 Jason England10 Michael James3 Calen Morelli11 Andrei Jikh4 Jonathan Bayme12 Christen Gerhart5 Rick Lax13 Dan Sperry6 Dan White14 Justin “Kredible” Willman7 Larry Fong15 Robert Smith8
  14. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest - You Don't Know JAQK!

    I'm an Eagle Scout Too! Steve Cohen15 Patrick Kun14 Blake Vogt13 Jason England12 Michael James11 Calen Morelli10 Andrei Jikh9 Jonathan Bayme8 Christen Gerhart7 Rick Lax6 Dan Sperry5 Dan White4 Justin “Kredible” Willman3 Larry Fong2 Robert Smith1
  15. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest - You Don't Know JAQK!

    Steve Cohen 12 Patrick Kun1 Blake Vogt 3 Jason England2 Michael James4 Calen Morelli5 Andrei Jikh6 Jonathan Bayme7 Christen Gerhart8 Rick Lax9 Dan Sperry10 Dan White11 Justin “Kredible” Willman13 Larry Fong15 Robert Smith14
  16. vigil32

    Saturday Night Roundtable with Steve Cohen

    Hi Steve! 1. Will you ever do a full scale US tour? 2. I've seen your comment in print somewhere that you oneday home to pass this show on to someone. Do you have someone in mind, such as Josh Jay? He would be my guess if he was interested. 3. I own Win the Crowd. What is another book I...
  17. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    Top: 7 clubs Bottom: jack diamonds
  18. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    1. heads 2. heads. 3. tail. 4. heads 5. tail 6.tail
  19. vigil32

    Saturday Night Contest - Read Calen's Mind!

    1.Emu 2.Armadillo 3.Platypus
  20. vigil32

    Saturday Night - Roundtable with Michael Herp

    1.You and Dan Garcia are from Texas, are you going to work with him? 2. Do you think the general public cares about a card flourishing? 3.Where are you in 10 years?
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