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  1. Jeremy Hanrahan

    What tunes do you jam to?

    We all have certain music that inspires us and gets our skill set flowing. I like listening to SevenDust and Thousand Foot Crutch. What gets you going?
  2. Jeremy Hanrahan

    Favorite gaffed card effect?

    What's your favorite gaffed card or gaffed deck effect? I would have to say mine is Regeneration. And no, not because I gaff them for theory11 lol, but because it has all the elements of surprise and it's so fair! The restoration phase really makes one feel that anything is possible!!!! Jeremy
  3. Jeremy Hanrahan

    Non magic but this might be fun.

    I was playing xbox the other night with my step son and thought it might be fun to have a meet and great on xbox live with other members from this forum. How many members here have xbox 360? Jeremy
  4. Jeremy Hanrahan

    The Virts

    Has anyone heard when and if the new Virts site will be launching? Seems like forever since they said the site was almost ready lol
  5. Jeremy Hanrahan

    Hofzinser Card Q&A By Jeremy Hanrahan

    Hello guys, I'm the nice Canadian (thanks Zach) that collaborated with theory11 in the launch of the Hofzinser Card Gaffs. To that end, I wanted to step in and share some thoughts and ideas on the cards, how they're made, and what makes them so cool and so special. The Hofzinser card has been...
  6. Jeremy Hanrahan

    Wynn Gaff Cards

    check these out
  7. Jeremy Hanrahan

    What effect's would you like to see next?

    If you had imput into the Theory11 creative team, what types of effects would you like to see? With all that knowledge in one room, can you imagine what they will be able to come up with? List 3 effects you would like to see. Mine are: 1. A levitation (object or self) that looks as close to...
  8. Jeremy Hanrahan

    Who would you say will be the next flourishing God?

    I for one do some flourishing, but not much, mostly card magic. But I can say that I really enjoy watching artist's peform their stuff. With the addition of the internet and underground venues,whom would you say will be the next star to rise out of the Underground? My vote goes to Jordan...
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