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    Forcing a Card

    I would recommend the riffle force, as others have. Just be sure that if the crowd is on the larger side of that spectrum that they form an arc around your front.
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    Kids Halloween Show

    Hey guys! I'm just checking back in to let you all know that it went great! Everyone had a great time, and I worked with a naturalist and another magician; swapping out crowds. That way I saw a lot of fresh faces each of my 8 (15 minute) shows and performed slight variations on a routine that...
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    Kids Halloween Show

    Thanks for all of the tips guys! I really appreciate it. Here is what I am thinking: 1. Open with holiday patter, lead into Stratosphere 2. 20th Century Silks (Halloween colored) utilizing volunteers & possibly change bag 3. Linking Rings, again with volunteers 4. Appearing Cane (from...
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    Kids Halloween Show

    Hey guys, I just got asked to do a Halloween show at a local park. As I have just realized, my last kids show was actually a couple of years ago! My routine is very outdated and I need some new ideas. Also, this particular group has a huge age difference...ranging from 2 to 12; and a 12 year...
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    Second or Bottom Deal: Which do you prefer?

    They are both very similar, but I have to say that I prefer the second deal (specifically the strike second deal). This isn't because of utility or versatility, rather that I spent weeks practicing the second deal (about 2 years ago), and it has become second nature. With that said, a bottom...
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    Trying to decide

    Hey guys, I can afford either Levit or the Dangerous DVD kit. For those of you that have either or both, which would you recommend? I am mainly a card worker, but I am looking for a good, fairly inexpensive go-to levitation. Thanks! - Ian
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    Are you an atheist?

    Sorry to come in on the discussion a little late: First of all, I hate these kinds of topics. Religion is just something that I believe that we should keep to ourselves - as it is the cause of many unnecessary conflicts. I am an Atheist. Not only was I raised that way, I strongly believe that...
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    t11.bulletin - CRUSH by Eric Ross / full preview video

    Just ordered my copy. This trick looks PERFECT for me, as in my high school, there are thousands of people and a seemingly limitless number of plastic water bottles. Anyways, I really need a good trick to re-spark my creativity; as I have been out of performing for quite a while now - mainly...
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    Revealing a trick as part of a magic routine.

    You all bring up very good points - and it all seems to come down to this - revealing magic can destroy your performance. However, I think that the way Penn & Teller do it is far different than what we commonly consider to be revelation. When they reveal how they do a particular trick, it is...
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    Reccomended Sleights/Tricks from the classics

    I think that both of those books are gold mines. Read them through carefully, and practice all of the moves and techniques - it is difficult to recommend certain moves or tricks, as I don't know what type of card tricks you like. Try everything, and I think you'll find that most things in...
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    Is Card Magic Powerful?

    Presentation is everything. The most simple card trick can be seen as a miracle if you work with your spectators in the correct way. You do have a point about the "impromptu" feel of other varieties of tricks, such as coin tricks. Most people carry around some change, but you will seldom find...
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    Red Wynns at Kardwell

    Yeah, but when you click on the "Get Prices" button, it only allows you to buy Blue Wynns.
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    Good Editing Software

    I personally use Final Cut Express from Apple, but it runs close to $200. If iMovie isn't working out, try Jashaka ( It's completely free (open source as well), and offers some more advanced tools. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks! Yours looks nice too. :)

    Thanks! Yours looks nice too. :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Coming Soon : An Image Competition

    Nice job everyone, and thanks!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Coming Soon : An Image Competition

    Phew, I've been working on this for a long time, and I'm finally finished. Good luck everyone!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Coming Soon : An Image Competition

    Here's my first entry. EDIT: Oops, didn't realize that we had to use the genesis pictures. Actual entry coming soon
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    t11.bulletin :: Andrei Jikh - The Countdown to GENESIS

    Dang, I can't wait for this! I wonder if Andrei went sky diving too....
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    Touching / Grabbing During Effect

    The way that I personally conquer this (most of the time, at least) is to have everything examined as often as I possibly can without giving the trick away. This way, the audience has satisfied their curiosity and usually lets me proceed as usual. If they still grab at my hands, or cards for...
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    New JUNTO Sessions

    I got kind of lucky, as I picked up Stars of Magic at my magic shop the day before Wayne announced the Junto Session. It is an amazing book, and if you don't have it, I highly recommend it.
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