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  1. vigil32

    Low stock

    T11 is out of a lot of items. I’ve seen other people in the forums ask when certain items are coming back. I’d like to spend more money around here, but I have all I want from T11 right now... I’d like to see more variety or a lot less “sold out” stuff. Even the elite items are running low.
  2. vigil32

    Who and how many?

    How many purchases does a typical trick get? How big is the T11 marketplace audience? What's the record for most purchases of one trick?
  3. vigil32


    Where is T11? Where can I send it a post card? Where is the warehouse?
  4. vigil32

    Zodiac thoughts again

    My last post was deleted, not sure why, as I only stated what was published. So, let me just restate some published facts: Zodiac says you need a smart phone. I did not see a smart phone in Spidey's nor David Copperfield' performance. I don't see how this the same trick.
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