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    Flourishing with a full deck?

    i practice with 56 cards, then when im ready to perform on film or in front of someone, i remove 4 cards and flourish, makes a huge differance..especially with thick cards
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    Sandwich/Transpo Effect

    the effect is great, i like it very much, although in real life you should create much misdirection, on camera, a magician can easily figureout what you did, if you have seen dan and dave and daniel madison's tutorials lol, but not a bad performance, keep up the good work =]
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    I'm seeing Dan and Dave on Saturday =]

    thats so awesome, one of my dreams is to meet up with them (and daniel madison) and flourish with them..kevin ho was living out my dream lol, anywayz, thats so awesome man, i wish i can go..
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    ide say so, i got it not too long ago, didnt get the chance tor ead all of it, but frm all the other reviews, ide def say so, and ya same here, madison is my fave too =]
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    Daniel Madison - Change

    i personally have some fasith in madison, i have every single one of his dvd's and ebooks, and i luv his work, i am stoked for when change is gonna come out, and i believe it is gimmicked but still looks sick..
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    What Is The First Thing You Do?

    thumb fan right away, i luv that perfectly even spread from a brand new right out of the box deck
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    Saturday Night Contest - Special Edition: Witness THIS

    haha great snc right here! heres mine!
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    Saturday Night Contest :: Theory11 Roundtable

    how hard is it to come up with your own flourish then being able to practice it better than anyone else? wohoo jus made it in time 3 more mintues
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    Saturday Night Contest - Inside the Box

    oh jeez here are my guesses 1: 25 boxes 1350 cards 2: 30 boxes 1620 cards 3: 45 boxes 2430 cards
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    Saturday Night Contest : Challenge Yourself

    this should be interesting, i think ill be learning some crazy hackey sack sort of flourishing, or something on that road, ill have to work my ass off to get it as with hackeys the cards dont always go the way you wnat them
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    Help with the Revolution cut

    umm i believe the bucks teach it in flourish 101 and its pretty easy to follow the movements as they do it very slow, and practice is the key
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    Arm spread, any good tutorials?

    find a blanket or something, a bed sheet works great for ribbon spreads imo, just put some kinda surface over the table a cloth or something and ur set
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    Cards - How long do they last?

    regular bikes - bout a month tallys - i never use tallys cuz im scraed i might ruin them but so far i had one for like 5 months now =] still perfect condition studs- bout 2 months
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    umm for vixy you need to try mulitple times for it to work, and if oyu have a mac your screwed, but use google to find a good donwloader software
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    Arm spread, any good tutorials?

    umm buy jerry cetskowski's encyclopedia of playing card flourishes available at his site, should help loads, and he teaches alot more variations to the armspread too
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    Split Spades - The Lions | Favorite Color?

    haha i like the way you think, haha you got em free while everyone else has to buy em, but ill buy all 3 of em if my mom lets me use her credit card, but i really do want red mostly =]
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    Split Spades - The Lions | Favorite Color?

    i saw red becuz my favorite color is red and also red is the color of hearts, girls like hearts, i like girls, girls are pretty
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    Looking for great coin routines

    umm try doing three fly or make up your own routine with little tricks put together like shadow coins and coin matrix, say look what ica n do with cards, say if you think i cheated i can do it without cards too, think of stuff like that.
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