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    Criss Angel season 6!

    Yay for puns
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    Kings County Fair

    You might want to take your number off as well....
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    Making an object disappear...

    I don't know if this is what your looking for but in Jim Pace's DVD Visa-Antics, he teaches an impromptu simple vanish and reappearance of a water bottle, called Crushed.
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    Saturday Night Contest - What Magic Means to You

    Magic has affected my life and the way I choose to live it, in a multitude of ways. It acts as a creative, and physical outlet and has challenged my previous mindset, leaving me more openminded, and devouted. Constant practice has showed me that hard work, and the willingness to commit to a...
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    Criss Angel steals effect and markets it...

    Please not another Criss Angel thread, these things never turn out well.
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    Saturday Night Contest : Anything But a Castle

    I know the contest is over but I worked to hard on my entry not to post it. So here it is.... a top hat p.s I hate flickr's...
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    If You Had Three Wishes

    I wouldn't make any wish at all because as I recall this story doesn't end to well for the wisher...
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    Read This

    Who cares? I mean if you rich, your going to buy extragvent expensive things. After all he is just another celebrity, the only difference is in how he got this status. So even if you don't like his "magic" or his character you have to at least respect what he's done
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    Jerry SHADOW Nugget Playing Cards?!! @@

    I looked on Ebay and didn't see anything that matches what your referring too. Can you possibly post a link?
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    Conceptions of Mystery by Shane Black

    Sorry, but you were beaten to the punch by someone else Again my apologies
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    Classic Pass

    The mechanices of the pass were great. However it was performed rather fast and you looked a little tense. So i would just work on becoming more relaxed and slowing it down a smidge.
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    One hand perfect faro.

    By perfect does he mean a single card on top of a single card etc, etc...
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    Oil & Water

    The ending brought the entire effect together. Very nice
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    The Pass

    I believe that fairly recently Johnathan Kam released a video download on the pass. I do not own it so ic cannot vouch for it's quality but i have heard good things. If you would like more information heres the link
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    Golden Reality

    Very enjoyable, Thank you.
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    Beginner/Intermediate level Books?

    Depending on how much money you are willing to spend I would defiently suggest Card College. There are 5 volumes in the entire set and each one is roughly $30 but the expert explaining of the content is well worth the price. And If you by chance do decide to buy it pick up one volume at a time...
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    Magic-Con : Forced to sell my registration.

    You can't advertise products that you are trying to sell (no matter how insanely awesome they may be). Just post it in your signiture
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Homer Liwag

    How long have you and Chris Kenner been bestest buddies?
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    t11.bulletin : LINX by Alex Pandrea - Now Available

    Yah finally a non-card related 1-on-1:D
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    Voting Open for One Card Switch Battle!

    I thought perceptiv3cardmagic did a better job. The change was smooth while amodermagician your change was a little choppy and the color of the cards was to similar to you sweatshirt which made it more difficult to both see and appreciate your change
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