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    Akira Fuji!

    Has anyone did a DVD on this Rub Vanish Recent video of him
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    Ed Marlo

    Just wanted to share a video I came across on YouTube of Ed Marlo. I'm not aware if this has already been posted in previous discussions, so thought I would share. Some of these tricks I haven't seen performed before by anyone currently.
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    Anybody have this in HD with Slydini.., Michael V

    Was checking out Slydini on the Dick Cavett Show. Enjoyed the presentation and the performance..slow and engaging..most I see now is a lot of quick moves with little or no engagement.. Anyways, anybody got Slydini in HD Quality? also on a side note like the Michael Vincent performance.:)...
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    Michael Ammar watching Alex Elmsley

    Found this video of various Card to Wallet effects. The one starting at about 5:03 shows Alex Elmley performing while Michael Ammar watching. An Michael Ammar is not on the "exposed" side either.
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    Static and Pixel

    I was looking at the price on Static available at Theory11 and it is listed at 19.95. At Dan and Dave site it is listed at 20.00? Is Pixel just a variation or method that was used in Michael Ammar DVD series where he did the Card on the Ceilling?
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    Thinking Back

    I was thinking back at the dvds I've learned from so far and would have to say the the Ninja Series from ellusionist Brad Christian was a great teaching tool..beyond the tricks and sleights it was the explanations Brad did and how to present the trick and crowd reaction and pace. Especially...
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    Bill Malone

    I've always enjoyed Bill Malone magic tricks. Has anybody bought any of his dvds like the new ones he came out with "Here I go Again", Malone meets Marlo? How is his teaching on these DVDs?
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    Dan and Dave - Skill and Teaching

    LIke I said I do agree everybody have personal teaching styles I would more emphasize on atleast showing live performances of their tricks to spectators out on the street. Not just at magic conventions, other magicians, in studio.
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    Dan and Dave - Skill and Teaching

    This is true it is almost robot-like.*L*. Different styles and showing a little personal interest is another thing. If not the personal teaching style, but show some live performances in front of spectators....My Dad likes magic and he watched David Blaine with smiles and laughter and Daniel...
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    Chad Nelson

    Okay..don' think they should have taken it down. I think I saw that video a long time ago and tried to look at it again. It didn't show any of the methods and truth be told..people seeing it on youtube would gain interest for people to find out where to get the Dvd and also buy it and add more...
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    Dan and Dave - Skill and Teaching

    First I have to say that Dan&Dave are very skillful in their card magic and flourishes. I have the Trilogy DVD. and the tricks and things are good. I know I'm not the first one, but there teaching demeanor and energy is 0 on a 1-10 scale..well maybe not that low.*L* The reason I like...
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    Chris Brown "Venus Trap"

    Saw this on DD youtube. This move is bannanas! Thoughts?
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    Chad Nelson

    Anybody got video footage of Chad Nelson performing his clipshift routines? LIke to see the tricks against a live audience.
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    2008 World Magic Awards

    Jeff McBride is performing....only thing I don't like about these programs is that the audience sound like it's programmed to applaud on certain presentations.
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    2008 World Magic Awards

    They did the Saw Illusion..Great!
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    2008 World Magic Awards

    That comedian magician is entertaining. His voice is funny! He had boxers on with playing cards printed all over it and said "By the way Is that your card?" That was funny!
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    2008 World Magic Awards

    Watching right now..never seen it before some of the presentations are boring. It's on my wmvt 12 over in NC. I do know there are magicians I've never heard of so...
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    Biddle Trick

    I love doing the Biddle's easy..simple..and effective. I would like to ask does anybody know of a method which you show the person their card out of the five cards, before it ends up in their hands and you're left with four? Thanks!
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    Chad Nelson

    At the end of this video there is a trick he performs where the card ends up in the spectators is live and the spectator is standing up..what trick is this and is this available on his DVD?.. Love the other tricks by the way.:) Will end up purchasing this DVD...
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    David Blaine Trick

    I was confused about the last dive?*L* But..where can you get that trick where he did it with the matches? The specator thought of a card and it ended up being in his hand..then..the card he signed ended up being the matches..(I did figure out how he did that part, but is this trick available)
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