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    Holiday Wheel Grand Total

    So with just a few hrs left. What was your grand total for this year and if you won anything else too?. Mine was 1300 points
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    Are Midnight NOCs fully value marked?

    I just got my SNC win deck and I have noticed that I think they are not just marked for suits but for value as well. Can anyone confirm me this cuz I can't figure out the pattern. Let's take an ace of spade for example you can find a spade with the card that has one pointed corner as per the...
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    Holiday Contest Wheel

    So when will we see it? No teasers as yet. Will it come from start of December or the mid of December?
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    What is "Turner Touch Principal"?

    Today while surfing I saw someone making a reference to this turner touch principal. That's the first time I heard this term. Is there really some principal with this name? If yes then without revealing can someone brief me about it and where can I find about it?
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    What happened to Calen Morelli?

    I was wondering what happened to him. Havent seen him active on any social media and etc. Did he quit magic? he a was brilliant creative genius. If anyone knows anything about him or any magic related project he might be working on
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    Gold Hudson Deck

    First of all congratulations on releasing yet another awesome looking deck. I have tweeted earlier to t11 abt this idea but thought may be others too vote on it here so here it is. I think the Hudson deck's design have a potential to have one rare gold version of it. The back design and the tuck...
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    Secrets Within T11 Decks

    J.Bayme himself revealed the story about secrets hidden in the Mystery Deck. For me it was a surprise I was not aware of it, I am attaching the link to video too in case if you wanna watch it. Just wanna say that ITS WAS A BRILLIANT IDEA. Plz make more decks with this concept of hidden secrets...
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    Elite Points Won As of 15th December

    So nearly half way through December. Since most of us has won elite points mainly Let's see who got the max elite points so far. You can calcutate your total by going to your profile and clicking on the Elite Points tab. Feel free to mention any other item that u won besides the Elite Points...
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    So is the contest wheel returning?

    Nearly that time of the year when the forum is full of ppl telling what their spin landed on, so any t11 member can you confirm if its returning or not(can't imagine what I'll do if it doesn't return). And may be some hints at the awesome prizes?
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    No SNC?

    Hope everything is fine with Casey and the t11 team
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    Holiday Contest Wheel

    So guys are you bringing back the wheel this time? and what happened to expose? I thought it was a monthly show now but still havent seen a new episode
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    Noticed these random binary numbers in a t11 video

    Ok i was just watching expose and when at the end is flashed in the video I noticed these binary numbers. Can someone explain why they are here and what was the reason behind putting them here in the first place?
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    Routines with the ultimate three card Monte cards

    I have these gaffs for some time now but have never used them fearing that in this modern age ppl might figure it out or they already know abt these cards, so was wondering if anyone can share some routines that were released that used these carda
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    Did T11 missed a fb comment contest?

    In the last expose episode it was said there will be a expose comment contest on fb, but I don't remember any post from t11 on fb this weekend or did I miss something?
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    Best Penguin lecture for card tricks

    If one could divide the intermediate skill level into three further levels of beginner, intermediate and pro then im looking for a good lecture that covers card tricks for intermediate>intermediate skill level. Can someone suggest me good lectures for this type?
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    Facebook Giveaway

    Omg 400+ comments on fb to win the gold monarch, I wonder if these know that t11 hosts SNC every week and one could win more things through them too, I am sure if only half of the number of fb commentors participate in the SNC then it would be a nightmare for Casey and company to judge all those...
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    Is This Trick Up To "Wire" Standards?

    I came up with this trick a couple of years ago and had completely forgotten about it. Today I came across this video and thought that may be it can be submitted on the wire. So would really appreciate if some feedback is provided whether this trick is upto the standards of the wire or not. So...
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    Holiday Contest WHEEL WHAT U WON?

    ok so the best holiday giveaway is back and I know skeptics would come and comment that its rigged and all, but I know t11 would never do such a thing so just to have the hopes high of ppl playing it I am starting this thread so that you guys post what you won yet so that others can be inspired...
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    The Best You Won On Contest Wheel

    So guys whats the best u have won so far on the holiday contest wheel? My best so far is 500 elite point.s
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    Contest Wheel Shipping Question

    Hi i just got enough points to get a deck from the archive. What i want to know is that if i purchase a item from the archive will i have to pay for the shipping or will it be free?
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