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    I'm feeling artsy! For those of you who are not familiar with...
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    Leno Cut

    Click the picture to enlarge it. EDIT: Here's a (I hope) improved version.
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    Need Info on DVD

    Hey guys. I posted this thread on the Ellusionist forum first but they deleted it. I've decided to sell my copy of DG's Warning DVD on eBay and I'm trying to make the listing as detailed as possible. The info I need is: 1. Aspect ratio (fullscreen/letterboxed widescreen/anamorphic...
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    Music Suggestions

    MODS: I accidentally named the thread Arco Arena, one of the songs I listed. Could you please change the title to "Music Suggestions"? Thanks! Hey guys. I don't know about you, but seeing every webcam magic video on YouTube accompanied by Linkin Park drives me absolutely insane. So, here are...
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    Hey guys. I'm a sophomore in high school and every grade has a "big" project they have to do. For me, it's the Sophomore Oral. Basically, it's a 12-15 minute oral presentation discussing a particular archetype of our choice and how it is portrayed in different cultures, how it is used in...
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    Electromagnetic PK Ring?

    Does such a gimmick exist? If not, I think it would be SOO much more useful as you would be able to demagnetize the ring whenever you wanted.
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    Magic Pet Peeves

    Here are some of my biggest pet peeves: 1. Non-professional/inexperienced magicians referring to themselves in the 3rd person on their websites. 2. Magicians who think they became magicians when they got a magic set for their 6th birthday. 3. Magicians who purchase...
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    Tornado Double Lift : Video

    Here's a cool (I think) double lift I made up a few hours ago. It's based on the Ginastaire Double. Enjoy! Original New "Molecule" Tornado Double
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    Aladdin 1001

    Okay, so from what I hear there are two types of Aladdin 1001's; plastic-coated and air-cushion. Are the plastic-coated ones still available? The only ones I can find are air-cushion.
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    Best Night of My Life

    Hey guys. Yesterday I attended Justin Miller's lecture in Watertown Massachusetts, and I can honestly say that it was the best 3 hours of my life. 2 Years ago, when my entire repertoire was comprised of Ellusionist-produced effects, I said to my dad, "What do you think about going to see Justin...
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    Can you guess the pattern?

    Hey guys. Attached is a picture of a deck of cards. It is separated by a "mystery" attribute. Can you guess what it is? P.S. This is just for fun, you won't win anything except I guess bragging rights if you win...
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    Jason Palter's iKnow

    Does anybody own Jason Palter's iKnow? It looks too god to be true.Are there any major drawbacks? I think Gambit performed it, or a variation of it, in one of his videos and it looked AMAZING.
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    The Werm

    Hey guys. I got Dan and Dave Buck's "The System" about a year ago. After only a single viewing of the DVD, I became so intimidated and didn't attempt any of the moves. I forgot about the DVD until about a week ago. I know the Werm is not a difficult flourish, but it's one of the only two I can...
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    Book Illustrations

    I'm a bit confused. Illustrations in magic books are illustrated using a photograph as reference. If a photograph has already been taken, then why bother drawing it? Why not just use the photograph in the book? It's really been buggin' me.
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    Lecture questions

    Okay, so one of Justin Miller's stops on his lecture tour is the IBM Ring in Boston MA, and I live in Needham which is only a few miles away. I've never been to a lecture so I have a few questions: 1. I'm not part of IBM, so does that mean I can not attend? 2. I'm only 15 (16 on the day...
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    Which hand?

    This is kind of an odd question but, if you had to choose one hand to cut off, which would it be and why? So Basically, which hand do you do more manipulation with? I personally think I would rather keep my right hand as I can do most coin concealments better and can do some card sleights.
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    Racherbaumer's Laws

    I was just flipping through The Collected Almanac and stumbled upon the Jon Racherbaumer's one man issue. I found the "Racherbaumer's Laws" section to be quite humorous. So all of you that own the Almanac, check it out; page 100-101. Here are some of my favorites: "Purist's Observation - The...
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    Fournier 505

    Does anybody know where I can get these in bulk? The only place that I found them at was at Amazon for like $6.99 a deck.
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    A Logical Lesson Some of you might think the counting is too slow. There are 2 reasons for this; 1. Hypnotized is a slow song, and 2. if I counted them too fast, the subtitles wouldn't be able to go as fast as the video and thus go out of sync.
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    Genii Online

    Genii Magazine's website has a database of all of Genii up to 1998 in PDF form. Can you download the PDFs? Is each separate page its own PDF? Or are they grouped by the issue.
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