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  1. DantetheMante

    PHP Creators Kit

    Hello. I recently got the PHP (Paul Harris presents) Creators Kit and I like it a lot because I make my own gimmicks but I don’t know what to use some of the material for. The materials are: Ultra Thin Metal Shim 18 Neo Magnets (different sizes) Clear Plastic Acetate Sheet Rubber Dental Dam...
  2. DantetheMante

    Go to Magic Trick

    Hello there. I was wondering what most magicians go to magic trick is when they are asked to preform? if you could say that would be great!
  3. DantetheMante

    Help me. Please with Tarantula 2

    I just got tarantula 2 and im not sure if i need to buy the thread and wax or if if was sposed to come with it and I did not get it. Please help me i need to get it by next week because I have a preformence next week and I would love to do it
  4. DantetheMante

    Green Monarch Saying

    Ok so I just got the Green Monarchs and I noticed the was writing on the side. It says de duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum. I went to google translate and translated it in Latin and I got this: of the two evils, the lesser must always be chosen. Is this right? does anyone know what...
  5. DantetheMante

    What Deck Should I Buy

    I am looking for a deck to buy on Theory 11. Please tell me a good deck to buy.:):)
  6. DantetheMante

    Favorite card deck

    I am asking for your favorite card deck and I know there are a lot of card decks out there I'm just putting the ones they sell on this site. If you have another favorite deck click other and tell me what it is. Unfortunately i did not have enough room to put all the decks in the poll so just...
  7. DantetheMante

    Poll: What is your favorite type of magic

    I have always wanted to know what type of magic people liked so I am asking magicians for advice:)
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