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    World's First 3D Metal and Mechanized Playing Card

    Hey there guys, I searched to see if this was posted yet but I couldn't find it so I thought I'd post about this cool deck that just sprung up on Kickstarter. What are your guys' opinions on this new way of making cards...
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    Hey Guys, I know it's a little sloppy but I made a new video. Please excuse the terrible editing skills as that is something I need to work on. Please give me feedback as I take almost everything into account and I like getting better.
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    Camera Test: Flourishes

    Hey Guys, Here's a video testing out my new camera. Let me know what you think about the quality and the quality of the flourishes. I know most weren't original and the video is rather short, but I will showcase more original moves in the near future. Thanks...
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    Good books on persuasion

    Good books on persuasion? Hello, I was looking for good books on people skills as well as persuasion. This sounds kind of bad but also books on manipulation if you will. As a magician, it is important to be able to manipulate your spectators to a certain extent. Does the book "13 Steps...
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    Green Cards, Green Grass

    Hey guys, Here is my first cardistry video. I hope you like it. I know it is not great but I hope to improve. Youtube killed the quality but watch in 720p.
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    Top Card Cover Pass 1-on-1 By Jason England

    Hey guys, First of all, I just wanted to start off the review by saying, if you need a good technique that can be done slowly and is not as hard as the normal Pass, just buy it. Quality: This is T11 quality so it is amazing. I have bough other 1-on-1's from theory11 and this download is...
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    Erdnase Smith Back No. 2 Review

    Erdnase Smith Back No. 2 Review: Ivory and Cambric Hello everyone, First of all, I would like to extend my apologies to Mr. Ricky Smith because he sent me these decks for review and I haven’t put up a review until today. Sorry about that Ricky! Also, I am going to be reviewing both types of...
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    Erlanger Tally Ho Review

    Hello everyone, I am going to be reviewing the new Erlanger Tallies. This will only be a first impressions review as I want to let you know exactly what has changed. Let's get right in. Box: This box is similar to the Ohio Tallies but it does have some differences. The front of the box...
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    Stingers out of stock?

    Hey, I noticed that the stingers are out of stock. Is this permanent and you guys aren't going to print them anymore? Because that would suck... PS: Any free shipping offered this season?
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    Price of opened v3's

    How much do you guys think that an opened pair of v3's is worth? The ones in question are in perfect condition. They have only been taken out to stare at and do like 2-4 riffle shuffles and like 2 flourishes. They are literally in perfect condition. Any ideas?
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    Drawing Room Deceptions - Detailed Review

    Can someone please post a detailed review of Drawing Room Deceptions? I would like to get it but I want to know what I am going to be getting first... If that made any sense. Thank you!
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    Kryptonite Help

    Hey guys, Sorry about posting another thread about Kryptonite but the threads that are already there do not help my problem. I am having problems with the revolution part of the cut. The other threads really only focus on the last packet getting back on top. I need help because the packet...
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