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  1. renome

    How do you guys practice?

    You don't need a scheduele, unless you're really tight on free time. Just practice anytime you can get your hands on cards. I would suggest learning the mechanics of 2 to 3 new flourishes and practicing them until you perfect them, while also going back to the things you already know from time...
  2. renome

    In the hands multiple card control

    Ditto, just make sure to subtly stress out that they don't push the cards all the way in.
  3. renome

    Cigarette Magic

    Linking cigarette by Akira Fujii is the first that comes to mind. When done correctly, it is extremely deceptive. Cheers!
  4. renome

    Practicing the natural.

    Apart from everything mentioned, "practicing the natural", as you put it, will greatly improve any kind of pass you might do.
  5. renome

    what do u guys do when cards are warped...

    Ditto on the Porper clip advice, it costs about 25$ and it will improve your deck's durability a lot. Happy New Year!
  6. renome

    Tacky - Available Now

    If it can't be done with a bottle, it can't be done with a bottle, so your method must be different. Cheers!
  7. renome

    Would like to hear your opinion on this video

    Very nice, I especially liked your Top shots and Sybil in the Rain. A little tip on the thumb fan, try to do it horizontally, then just lift it up - it will be much rounder that way. Making a round thumb fan with a deck in vertical position takes a lot of practice, but if lifting of the fan is...
  8. renome

    Most visual effect?

    Very well said.
  9. renome

    Improvisational magic anyone?

    I definitely fit into that category. I mostly perform when the occassion arises and I really don't like the idea of repeating the same patter and sleights over and over again, especially if you're not performing professionally (like me). To the spectators, it's all the same, but it poses a...
  10. renome

    A MUST READ! The 5th dimension of magic

    If you have an original effect, promote it, build a career on it, don't write about how everything else sucks and how you're the messiah of a new age. Considering the effect you mentioned, it would fall into the category of a vanish, and optionally restoration (since I presume you would restore...
  11. renome

    New Coinistry Flourishes

    All I could saw was one not too impressive "flourish" repeated a couple of times, so I'll just commend your French drop and retention vanish, because they are awesome!
  12. renome

    Is the Mullica Wallet worth it?

    I don't own that particular wallet but I believe that this is more of a "how far are you ready to go with your magic" question, than a product question.
  13. renome

    Tacky - Available Now

    Hmm, after purchasing the "And all will be consumed" I came up with a method of doing a tic tac through box penetration that's also gimmickless and looks practically the same as Tacky and it utilizes a concept that Christopher teaches on his DVD. A Buck is not a lot, but still, I would be...
  14. renome

    A MUST READ! The 5th dimension of magic

    I don't see the point of this thread/article. "A must read"? "The fifth dimension of magic"? Man, you're giving yourself way too much credit. You really think that you're the first one who thought about the art being stuck? You're trying to encourage the creativity with what, rambling...
  15. renome

    Forever Dreaming

    I didn't say I worship his style and skills, but he certainly possesses a solid level of skill.
  16. renome

    Forever Dreaming

    What anyone could tell you even without looking at this is that a trailer cannot be 14 minutes long. Over 2 minutes passed before I could even see a deck of cards, you're repeating some of the stuff and you have 5 minutes of credits (credits would normally go on the end of a DVD, not a trailer)...
  17. renome

    Signed Card to Shoe?

    Yup, Mercury card fold would definitely be the way to go and someone already named a great example of Michael Kent, who does an awesome card to shoe effect that utilizes that sleight. Also, if I may ask, what didn't you like about V2F? I own it and although it's not something I perform every...
  18. renome

    What would you like to see... A test on creativity

    If anyone's interested in learning this he should check out James Coat's Mastering the Art of Pickpocketing, or just learn some basic showmanship pickpocketing methods from any other source, there are some great loading techniques that even allow you to insert the card or any other object in the...
  19. renome

    Pure, really?

    Umm, aren't flourishes card manipulations by definition? Where do you draw a line of where flourishing ends and extreme manipulation begins? As for the Pure, apart from the card box on top of a ribbon spread which is in my humble opinion ridiculous, most of the stuff I seen looks solid...
  20. renome

    SPLINTER- Marcus Eddie

    How different and clean is the handling where you pull out the splinter instead of biting it out? I like the idea a lot, but the biting sequence doesn't appeal much to me.
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