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    Thoughts on the Strike Second Deal

    Alternatively, work on integrating thumb lifts/thumb raises that simulate the push off more. Everything also depends on context.
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    Casino Gaff Dice

    Thanks for the info Jason.
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    Casino Gaff Dice

    Got my dice today. Very nice. My only issue with them is that the ones I got are considerably smaller than standard casino dice (at least the few that I have anyway). My friend also got a pair and his ones are the same size as casino dice.
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    Expert at the Card Table Intro

    Vernon discuses 'the spread' on Revelations.
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    A Edward Marlo Tribute

    Not bad. I would however suggest that you do not produce the aces at the end.
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    Another ethical question - Who would you work for?

    Money vs Integrity Wheres Bill Hicks when you need him?
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    Name of a Grip

    Modified Erdnase/Gene Maze grip
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    Derren Brown Trick of the Mind Stooges?

    Just a thought but alot of it may have been filmed all at the same time and when it came to editing maybe it was broken up and some of it was put in the first series and some of it was left out which they then decided to use in the second series....
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    Magic in London?

    Well there are two magic shops in London - Davenports ( and International Magic ( you may be lucky enough to see Jerry Sadowitz at international as he works there occasionally. As for shows some of my friends perform full on street shows at...
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    A very simple one for one switch

    edit* Got the reference mixed up - I believe it looks like Marlo's face up startler.
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    A New Live Performance

    The biddle trick i think you sold short. The biddle trick comprises of 3 effects and you didnt really get the full potential out of all of them. First you are able to divine their card (which you didnt do) then you cause the card to vanish, finally you cause the card to appear reversed in the...
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    Where can I find...?

    note this isnt the one he does on that youtube video
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    Underground magic?

    TSD. Word count just about
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    James Randi

    Master Mentalist/Skeptic who is known for debunking false psychics etc. He has a million dollar challenge
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    11,000 members

    Alot has happened since Oct 27th 2008
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    London Magic

    I personally dont get on too well with Shaun, but Sergio is a great guy. Ive know him for about 4 years and he is very approachable and easy to talk to. Here's a video of him in action
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    London Magic

    A little, not alot and mainly along the Southbank where ive had good results.
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    11,000 members

    You're a few days early for April Fools.
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    London Magic

    You could try along Southbank -specifically from the london eye towards Charing cross bridge, round by trafalgar Square, Hyde park, Regents Park. Be sure to spend some time in Covent Garden and hang out with the guys at Magic Cave and maybe catch Sergio doing his street show on James Street...
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    Re-doing a trick...

    You give this advice and then you go on to say this? "I'm guessing you don't have a huge enough repertoire to do several tricks a day, every day, and keep the audience entertained with new stuff. I'm guessing you often repeat tricks - whether it's done in the same day or not." A magician...
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