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    Stage Mentalism Routines

    Take a look at Luca Volpes stuff. I use his Ultimate Chair Test Routine. Easy to do, and a killer. But he has some other good work too.
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    Editing Equipment

    I think Sony Vegas would be the best thing to use. AE and Premiere Pro is awfully hard to use because both are tools they are using to edit hollywood movies. You can do everything with them, if you know how to.;)
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    Saturday Night Roundtable with Steve Cohen

    How do you handle all the shows an everything? Almost a full evening show every day is quiet a lot. And how did you got the opportunity do perfom at the Waldorf Astoria?
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    Fully custom decks. A rare beast indeed?

    The Artifice deck from E is completely custom too and the 125th anniversary edition from Bicycle as well. But I think this deck doesn't count, since its from Bicycle.
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    I think those are the differents: Not sure though. Cheers!
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    SEASONS Playing Cards - Feedback Requested

    Jesus, the box is just...awesome. The most beautiful box I ever saw!! If you put it up on the market, I'm soo gonna buying the two versions.
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    3 New Decks

    Yes no Smoke and Mirrors!
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    3 New Decks

    I actually think there is just on version of the Smoke and Mirrors. Dan and Dave are running a contest right now and you can win a Uncut sheet of Smoke and Mirrors V6. They didn't said you'll get a uncut sheet of ONE version. I hope there'll be a black and a white version though. And 100% a...
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    Tarantula by Yigal Mesika

    Check out Centrifugal by the Blue Crown. you can accomplish the same effects and you have nothing in your hands. And I believe its cheaper.
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    Pandora Battle

    Damn! But thanks for telling me my mistake.
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    The Magic Castle

    Not if you go as a family. But there is a really strict Dresscode.
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    Pandora Battle

    Are you left handed? Great job!
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    Pandora Battle

    Ok here is mine: As I said it isn't really good. :)
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    Pandora Battle

    All right. I might upload it a little bit earlier because problably leaving at friday.
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    Pandora Battle

    All right. Its 7PM PST right?
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    Learning Underground Flourishes

    Mmh ok. Wow this flourish looks awesome! If somebody have a tutorial please post it or PM me. I want to learn it too.
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    Pandora Battle

    Haha you'll win anyways but its worth a try. :) So what shall I do? Just upload my video or did I get some time?
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    Learning Underground Flourishes

    I don't know how the move should look like, but I searched on youtube and I finde a tutorial. Mockingbird Maybe its the right Mockingbird.
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    Daniel Garcia Signed card to Cellphone (blue version?)

    I use this store too. But 3€ for a deck isn't so much. Come on, 3 bucks for an awesome effect? ;) Haha nice how we speak english and not german. :D
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    Saturday Night Contest - School Is Out!

    We cant see your video. We cant see privat videos.
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