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    The Unseen on Late Night

    yeaa I saw it, and honestly it wasn't good what they did. They looked uncomfortable, and the effect they performed was really woowwww, like some magicians will try to figure it out, but its pretty simple how they did it and I don't think it would have amazed the people at home.
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    Real Secrets of David Stone

    whats up guys i have david stones new dvd and was just wondering if any of you know how he does the four coin production with one card he doesnt expalin it
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    Bicycle 125's

    125 Mine are amazing. I love the finish and the way they look. It brings you back to the old school days with 2010 quality.
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    How much should I charge?

    150 whats up man i started doing shows for people at 15(family partys, few gigs) now im 17 i charge 150 for 1:30 minutes, these chargers are for private partys and cocktail or just plain business ester, christmas.... partys. You g2 to charge high to pay for your magic supplies. If you ever need...
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 trivia challenge [UPDATED]

    ill try 1. Daniel Garcia 2. Chris Kenner 3. Marcus Eddie 4. Jonathan Bayme 5. Andrei Jikh 6. Asi Wind 7. Katie Kenner 8. Jason England 9. Richard Z 10. Dave Buck 11. Alex Pandrea
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    Smoke & Mirrors v4 by Dan and Dave

    honestly whats up guys honestly my buddy ordered a brick from you guys gave me one of his packs(nice guy), and they feel pretty good but i would of liked to see a black back instead of green. I still like the Luxury edition much better. By far my favorite cards for handling and looks for...
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    t11.bulletin - SMOKE&MIRRORS v4 - Monday at 11:00pm EST

    nothing special i realy dont see how they can be so amazing SHAM WOOWWW style lol, i rather by centurions or propagandas. To me they kinda look like Wynnnssss with Dand and Dave style to it.
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    Theory11 Tally Ho's

    good mine are black seal and they feel like tallys great finish good quality no problemss
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    Whats your strongest mentalism effect...?

    ***** 60 Ive been using luke jermays E.I for a while now but i realy love powerball 60, i use powerball for a 1 ahead principal mentalism effect that killssssssss like people actuly thought i had powers killssss
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    Best theory11 1-on-1?

    Blind D+M i would have to agree simple and direct i use it evryday
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    White Centurions

    true true that but what does that have to do with the White Centurions :)
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    White Centurions

    what are you offering
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    White Centurions

    plzzzz telll me theory 11 going to be selling some more white centurions its to good a product not to sellll!!!!
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    Anyone from Mtl Canada Quebec

    whats up evryone i was wondering if anyone lives in Mtl Canada .
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    Love Being Fooled

    Canadien you live in canada man, i live in MTL you?
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    The best mentalism effects and DVD's

    Great news can't wait for it. I'm sure its gonna be killer; especially with the mind of Luke Jermay and Dan White. As Luke Jermay quoted - mentalism is the future of magic.
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    The best mentalism effects and DVD's

    Will do it would be great if Theory11 had some mentalism artists or effects on like a 1on1
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    The best mentalism effects and DVD's

    nice thx guys, i have Corinda and Prism by Max Maven my repertoire comes mostly comes from does 2 books and also Banachek with some Richard Osterlind and Luke Jermay( E.I-Coral Fang). Thx for the help. Anyone live in MTL canada, im a lonely mentalist-magician in Mtl including Bedros Spidey whos...
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    The best mentalism effects and DVD's

    What's up everyone? I've been doing a lot of mentalism and was just wondering what are the top 5 mentalism tricks or DVD's?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Homer Liwag

    Homer the king of coins what was the first trick that inspired you to start doing magic(coins,cards,rubber bands...)
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