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    you know you practice too much when...

    When you wake up with cards in your hands
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    A.M. Cardistry

    Hey guys, here's a cardistry video I put together this past week! Be sure to like, comment, and subcribe for more awesome stuff!
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    French style cards

    "French Touch" playing cards are live on Indiegogo!!! This is a great deck of cards designed by Fabien Defaucheux to look like the classic French playing cards, but a bit more modern. This deck has been designed from the...
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    How come majority of cardists don't use Ellusionist decks for flourishing?

    Yeah, I don't want to throw off this whole forum, but I use Madison Rounders for cardistry all the time ^_^ I have nothing against E or their decks. I even made a cardistry video using an E deck. I almost feel like that the reason that most cardists use the same decks is that Cardistry...
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    Contraband Books

    I have a question about the books that you can purchase with Contraband playing cards. Is the light bulb replaceable, and if the light bulb were to go out, can I buy more vintage bulbs from T11, or some other place?
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    Keeping cards in shape

    Two right off the top of my head are "Dan and" and "RE hand"
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    Keeping cards in shape

    You could carry the cards in your back pack.
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    The flourishers deck!

    Ha ha! never thought of that! I bet you could create tons of tricks using these.
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    The flourishers deck! Thought you cardistry guys might like this :) - Flourishers is a deck of cards, but not a deck of playing cards. You can't play card games with them and you can't do a "pick a card, any...
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    Trolls and Magic - Live Video

    Looks great!! Good job :D
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    How much to sell for?

    Also, you must use royalty-free music.
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    About Wynns

    For the red or blue Wynns, its typically between 30-35 USD. The brown Wynns normally go for 60-65 USD.
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    Project Vox

    Just wanted to get some opinions about this deck :) I can't decide if I should get it or not, so I'd love to hear feedback from you all :D
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    The Best You Won On Contest Wheel

    Hey, I'm just glad we don't have to by something every time we want a spin. Theory 11's contest is wayyyy better than E's. At Ellusionist, you have to fork over like 25 bucks just to participate :O
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    Saturday Night Contest - Year in Review

    1.My biggest accomplishment this year..... It has to be when I got my first paid Gig. Being under sixteen it is already hard enough getting a job, let alone getting people to remember and call you for their event. I had preformed at a local place in my community several times, mostly to people I...
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    One-Handed Cuts

    Where can I find a solid tutorial for scissor cuts?
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    "Gateway" Cardistry

    Thanks for the feedback :D
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    "Gateway" Cardistry

    I made my first cardistry video and I was wondering if y'all could give me some feedback :)
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    Magic or Cardistry?

    With me, I just do what I feel like for the day. The past two weeks or so I felt like practicing cardistry, but if I got booked for a show, I'm not going to say, "No, I'm into cardistry now". In a day or so, I'll probably be tired of cardistry, and then I'll practice card sleights and tricks for...
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    Where to sell my Magic stuff!?

    If that were the case, re-selling anything that you did not create would be "unethical". There would be a heck of a lot of "unethical" used car dealerships out there. In a sense, the creator of something would get more money if I resold their product. If I buy a magic book, the creator gets the...
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