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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Cards!

    Card 1: 3 of hearts Card 2: Jack of clubs Card 1: 8 of spades Card 2: 10 of diamonds
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    Saturday Night Contest - Inside the Box

    My guess is 3240 cards :) Good luck everyobody! :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - On The Wire Enjoy
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    Saturday Night Contest - Toxic Technology

    Background - SNC entry - Toxic Technology Nice SNC this time. Here is my entry. An original effect I actually have been working with for a while, and when the theme of this weeks SNC suited my trick so well, I just had to make a video with it. A fun little routine I like to perform for people...
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    The wire effects - What to post?

    Hi guys. I just wanted to ask a few of you, and also the theory11 folks as well perhaps. I have created a lot of original effect, some not to impressive and good, but some of them, Im really proud of. A few of them is totally original effects Ive created from my own mind, but other is...
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    Best impromptu haunted deck?

    Agree, Vector by Patrick Kun is a pretty good effect :) I've used it alot, and it get great rections.
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    Iphone Magic Trick Is it Original?

    Awesome! Would love to see this effect on the wire :) I've never seen an effect like this, it looks very nice! :)
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    acaan effects?

    You should check out an effect called Eureka by Roberto Mansilla. Very strong, because the spectators participates in the effect a lot, and that makes the miracle even bigger if you ask me. I use it a lot, and it get awesome reactions. But there are a lot of great variations of that plot. Dani...
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    Search by Dom Whitlock

    The trick is really good. It's a bit similar to the classic ACAAN plot, but I do believe it is not that free of choices of course. But I really like it. Can I just ask, can the deck be done with a borrowed deck of cards? Btw, if you submit this, and it get accepted, I think I would have...
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