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    Kiwi Cut Tutorial

    yeah that has been used tons of times.
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    Illegal to Flourish

    wow that is ridiculous no it's not illegal, why the hell would it be.
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    Huron Low - Firefly

    isn't firefly like a 9 phase card twirl?
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    Vorezo Magic Contest

    how old are you guys?
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Genesis Video Challenge

    Zachmonkey's video isn't part of the contest because he filmed it the other day. it had to be from the time the post was made.
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Genesis Video Challenge

    that's too bad that you had to film with your phone and you didn't go all into your editing, it seems that you are a good flourisher.
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Genesis Video Challenge

    damn that was a pretty good video for 1 hour!
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    Anaconda DVD - A $72.000 production?

    i don't if people realize it but the 72,000 was spent on making their entire production studio not just the dvd. so really it isn't so far'fetched.
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    Hindu Tornado

    how do you know? ps. you should stop saying that.
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    Voting Open: Freestyle

    xcm you need to calm down emmotionally exploding do too a liitle criticism is pretty gay and besides you and everyone else knows that RDchopper is right i mean look at you video i can't believe you posted a video where you dropped cards is it really that hard to re-shoot that one scene...
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    Anaconda DVD - A $72.000 production?

    yeah i think it is too much but you know they might have a suprise for us.
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    Propaganda vs. Guardians

    i don't know why people think they feel the same. the props are thinner, smoother and more flexible then guardians. but that is just me i think props are the best cards T11 has put out so far.
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    Custom Deck

    yeah i have seen that website before and i thought it looked really sketch but i don't know. as for the design i think it is a good foundation design but keep working on it.
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    Thoughts on Next Week's 1-on-1 :: Grab Your Remotes

    did you seriously miss the foundations release a few weeks ago.
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    well congrats and i hope the video is nothing short of kick a**! although i must warn you high school isn't really that much different.
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    Building Hand Strength

    they don't sell those anymore but you can get them else where like a guitar center because base guitarist use them to build finger strength.
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    Review :: BEE® STINGER Playing Cards

    yeah i haven't gotten a shipping confrimation either just the receipt.
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    Pixel by David Jade

    yeah this trick is that sh!t. and it was nice to see dan doing live preformances.
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    Video Critique Please

    it was an alright video but next time cut down the time because 3:41 is way to long for that type of video and i started loosing intrest at the 2 minute mark. and for your next video that takes more than a day to film you should wear the same outfit so the video looks consistant, you don't...
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    theory11 exclusive release :: BEE® STINGER Playing Cards

    nice but it is showing the props preview!?
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