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    Cheap Porper Clip

    i was looking up card clips and i stubbled accross this place and i am not sure if i should get it [Link Removed By Moderator] because i have never heard of this place before. so what do you think has anyone bought any thing from here i looks pretty scetchy and for only 8 bucks?
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    Gecko (damn)

    wow i think this is on of E's best looking products in a while. what do you guys think of it?
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    Flicker Download Frustration

    I puchased flicker a while ago and when i tried to download it, it would not let me download it. It says that it is either unknown or damaged, i have everything that i need to watch and download it but it just doesn't work. So i contacted support and have been waiting for sometime now but no...
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    Favorite Floushing Style

    so what is your favorite flourishing style? do you like the fast hyper active flourish or the calm slow smooth kind or what? I like dan and dave stlye of flourishing calm yet very fast but so smooth it looks slow i love it, that is what got me into flourishing.
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    T11 DVD Length

    hey, i was just watching some dvds from t11 and i noticed most of them are like 30 minutes long. with an exception of control and TnR but prophet, distortion, panic, believe, and witness are 20 to 30 minutes so do you guys think that T11 DVD lengths are too short and should go a little slower...
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    Flow bonus tricks?

    i was wondering, what are the 2 bonus tricks? i have seen a video were at the end of the trick the preformer shakes the bottle and the water turns to ice! i really hope that it is one of the bonus effects but does anyone know?
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    Derren Brown's Awesomeness!

    Hey guys, i have been watching a lot of darren brown stuff and it is really amazing and i have been doing some studing of sorts. I would like to go out and try some of these things he is doing, but I was wondering if anyone else has ever gone out and tried these things? Do they work? I really...
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    Smoke - Derren Brown

    Recently i have been viewing some Darren Brown videos and every video i get more and more amazed, but Smoke was one of the effects that i reacted by saying WHAT THE F***!!!! and i know that this is for sale but i had a few questions. (don't answer if it is revealing in any way) 1. Does it...
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    Black Ghost Review

    We all know that the black ghost came out tuesday and here are my two cents. Face Design: The face design is pretty normal nothing new, but I like the white borders around the pips for red cards. The Ace of Spades is cool but it is pretty bright it is kind of hard to see what the design is...
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    1002's - Oh My...

    ok i just opened my deck of aladdin 1002s and they feel HORRIBLE!!! please! some one tell me they will get better, is it just the gilded edges making them feel horrible? because i can't do anything with them not even a ribbon spread! Are 1001 better or do they all feel this crappy? if...
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    Artist Videos

    i was just thinking about how cool it would be to have more videos from the T11 artist like them preforming and stuff and not for an advertisment of a product, but them on the streets or doing a magic or flourishing montage. Then i kind of thought about this and i saw the wire on the menu...
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    Shadow Masters contest?

    hey does any one know if this is still going on? because i thought they were supposed to announce the winner in feb.
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    Dr. Leon Playing Cards

    i was wondering if any one has these because i am thinking about getting some but what is the quality of these cards are they plasticy are they good for cuts or what. thanks
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    Gilded edges?

    okay i just bought some aladdin 1002s with gilded edges so my question is what is the difference? besides the look because i think i looks pretty sweet with those golden edges.
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    Rare cards?

    hey i was wondering what were the best rare cards like how well do they handle and where to purchase them, please give list. Thanks!
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    D&D tricks

    what is your favorite tricks from D&D, mine are the queens, hofzzy ozbourne and commercial because i love the click change.
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    New Forces?

    Ok, i have thought of a new force that works quite effectivly with practice but i'm am not sure if it has been created and i would like to call it my own, so would someone with a bunch of ways to force a card and pm please. just don't steal it :D
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    i found a long time ago and i don't really go there but i was wondering what you guys think of it? Personally i think there are some kind of decent tricks on there but mainly i think it is just people looking for a quik buck what do you think?
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    Breach Shipping

    okay it has been forever since dm went back and i was wondering if he will ever ship it because i already paid for it and everthing i've got the receipt but no shipping confrimation i want it so bad. i thought i might consult some other people before complaining to him.
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    Visual Aspect // Prophet and Extreme Burn

    ok people have been talking about extreame burn looking like prophet and vise versa but to me they look worlds apart yeah extreame burn looks nice with no cover but truthfully they both have the exact same amount of cover at least from what i've seen in the extreame burn preview he has to take...
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