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  1. Chrisfecto

    One Shot: What would you do?

    You have one shot to impress a celebrity. Keep in mind celebrities have probably been exposed to a bit of magic considering how many events, and entertainers they have met. Also consider that this could be an incredible opportunity for a demo reel. What ONE trick do you do in this...
  2. Chrisfecto

    Something i learned from my 21st birthday...

    Do not play with flash paper while drunk that is all.
  3. Chrisfecto

    Google Wave

    Are there any magicians on Google Wave? I'm hoping to start a wave about magic. Let me know
  4. Chrisfecto

    The experience of mentalism

    As noted in my other thread I recently attended a Kostya lecture. He touched on a different experience of mentalism that I haven't really seen before. Usually when i think of mentalism i think of reading minds, actions, or contents of something. Basically the powers of the mentalist on...
  5. Chrisfecto

    Kostya Kimlat Lecture - Long Island, NY

    Hey just wondering if anyone is headed to the Kostya Lecture tomorrow at tricky business?
  6. Chrisfecto

    Copperfield at MGM

    Absolutely amazing. I can't say enough. I had horrible seats third from the back row on the second floor but it was still awesome. I do want to say though. All of these posts about the meet and greets and what not kind of got my hopes up. I really was hoping to meet Chris Kenner and Homer...
  7. Chrisfecto

    NYC Magishing Pt. 3

    We've discussed this in another thread but just to get a Head count of who is going. This Thursday July 16th at 4pm Father Duffy Square (Times Square). Afterwards, everyone is invited to 5 dollars off for Modern Magic NYC. 10 to get in plus a one drink minimum.
  8. Chrisfecto

    NYC Magishing Pt. 2

    I wasn't sure if I sure make another thread for this one but I figured I would just make another thread calling them each "Parts x" 2 PM Father Duffy Square Magic and general shenanigans. Father Duffy is that big ugly statue in Times Square in front of the big red TKTS Steps. PM me respond...
  9. Chrisfecto

    NYC "Magishing"

    Tomorrow around 2 pm StevenHenriquez and I will be in New York City out to perform for as many people as humanly possible. I would like to propose meeting at the red TKTS stairs in Times Square. I was trying to figure out a way for us to distinguish ourselves from one another, but the best i...
  10. Chrisfecto

    NPH on Jimmy Fallon Absolutely Awesome!
  11. Chrisfecto

    New Promo Hey guys the above link is my new promo video. It was edited by my girlfriend (sloppyshuffle). It will be changing as I get more footage and such. Any criticisms are welcomed- both good and bad. Although I pay more attention to the bad. Thanks ~vintage
  12. Chrisfecto

    Why is your card between to others?

    I think Aaron Fisher put it best- "laymen dont care about sandwich effects, only magicians do" it was something to that effect. I would argue Search and Destroy is one of the best sandwich effects. Reason being that the problem with sandwich effects is that they lack the emotional hook for the...
  13. Chrisfecto

    Twist3 by Michael Paul

    Effect: Twist3 by Michael Paul Description: Another ridiculously logical, usable, visual, well routined effect from the guy who actually performs the stuff for real live people… now that’s great magic! Michael Paul brings you a new twist on twists, and it’s called Twist3. Twist3 may be the...
  14. Chrisfecto

    Greek Deal

    Just curious if T11 a long with I would assuming the gambling god (Jason England) would release anything on the greek deal?
  15. Chrisfecto

    Pressure Disclaimer?

    For anyone who has pressure- I was just thinking we should always ask the spectator if they are allergic to latex. I haven't performed this yet but I've already decided I'm going to ask. I just thought that since this wasn't covered in the video I should share. Any thoughts...
  16. Chrisfecto

    LIMC - Long Island Magic Convention

    This past weekend I went to my local magic shop and they told me about a convention nearby. Low and behold the convention is at my universtiy where I live and attend class in between practicing. This is the first Long Island Magic Convention and it is being held at Hofstra University in...
  17. Chrisfecto

    Private Gigs - How Much?

    Hey everyone i searched the boards for something like this but couldn't find anything. My question what do you think you should charge for a gig if you don't mind me asking. I thought I should have some kind of minimum time to be hired for and a flat rate for that time and then do a deal per...
  18. Chrisfecto

    Sam the Bellhop & the 654 Club

    Hey guys I haven't posted all too much here, and i have yet to battle someone. I just recently learned/ made my own method for Sam the Bellhop & the 654 club. Would anyone like to battle me in it? My proposed rules are: - Must be for a live audience - Editing Allowed for entrance and exit...
  19. Chrisfecto

    Manhattan Magic Show

    I thought I would give a review of the Manhattan Magic Show that is happening every Wednesday in Times Square through December 17. Opening night was last night, Nov. 19. My friend and I arrived around 7:30 and enjoyed close up magic by Matt Wayne. He has a very classic style and some...
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