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    Card Prediction in wallet

    The trick can be done with any wallet (more than likely the one that you currently use) it is called Kolossal Killer by Kenton Knepper.
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    ESP routine

    If you have a table wake up Dr Rhine by Looch is one odd the nicest routines of the sort. It only uses 10 cards which don't need to be marked and the only move is fairly easy
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    A Magician´s Journal - Meeting With Dani Daortiz

    It's amazing how things like this happen. Dani is my hands down my favourite card magician, everything he does actually feels like real magic even after you know how it's done. His DVDs were definitely the highlight of 2011 for me and that is just based on the strenght of disc 3.
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    Right or Left handed?

    I am left handed however I hold ong' hand deck in my left hand. John Carney makes a lot of good points relating to having the deck in the 'wrong' hand.
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    Forcing dice

    A few weeks ago we had a lengthy discussion about this and I even have you a link where to buy the dice.
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    Berglas effect

    Berglas doors not do lu Chen's version Berglas does Berglas'. If you purchased the book and read it, and understood what was described. You would understand how Berglas approaches his card magic and inturn that the psychology of how the audience perceives the effect it's more important than how...
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    oBest card control

    The best control is the one used in the best context of the routine. With that being said I use the classic pass more often than not.
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    Gaff Card

    Best bet is to buy some rub ons.
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    What to perform?

    It's an interesting question and ultimately flawed, asking what I would do is is the same as asking what clothes I wear. I am not sure why everyone is suggesting organic magic you have your cards out you may as well use them. short of knowing your skill level and repertoire not to mention your...
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    Mentalism/Think of a card effect

    Smoke has no psychological suggestion at all, it is just Derren's take on a marketed effect. I was actually thinking of writing up a few essays relating to thought of cards.
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    125 Year Anniversary Deck Is It Made By T11?

    To my knowledge they were a general release but due to the collaboration between T11 and USPCC t Theory 11 had them a few months earlier than the official release date.
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    rubber cement tricks

    Most envelope effects use it.
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    This Video Has Magicians PISSED!

    In the past I have used the 'very well' line when people ask how I did something. Personally the one thing that really annoys me is when someone simply narrates what they are doing, or counts objects
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    fooled by a kid:)

    Look into Body Magic by Fisher for the effect it is often titled the Georgian Magnet.
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    Busking Routine

    I haven't busked in a long time (3 years) one thing I would do is with the cups and balls, final load lemon's and proceed to go into a bill in lemon routine as an additional thought.
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    Good Reads for the Proficient Performer?

    I know it's on the list that Rick posted by The Books of Wonder are some of the best books on magic. It is like an applied course of framing magic, and good to read along side Maximum Entertainment.
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    my magic collection $$

    Your magic collection is like 12 DVD's one book and many, many deck's of cards. Short of a few rare cards there is nothing in your collection which is eye catching.
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    Name or source?

    The die is mid-numbered Penn hits the method right on the head at the end.
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    Name or source?

    I don't think it is published as the routine, and I don't know the method employed by Mark Shorthand, and I don't think I really should be stating it on an open forums. If you want to learn about position forcing look into Banachek psychological subtleties. If you want to look into the method I...
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    Name or source? The second item explains the method and the third item is a complete set.
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