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  1. Magic Man4293

    Lottery Prediction Guess How it is Done

    If you haven't yet seen this video please do so now. It is roughly 24 hours before Derren Brown reveals how he did his lottery prediction. But before the show I would love to see if anyone can guess how he did it...
  2. Magic Man4293

    Paul Harris Presents: Hand Out 500

    Here is the newest trick for Paper Crane, I think it looks like your average bill change but ending clean like that is a huge bonus. What say you? -Michael
  3. Magic Man4293

    Picture Section of the Site

    Hey guys, I was looking through some of the old media videos and happened to see this one. And I was wondering if Theory11 actually meant to build the picture section of the site and it was forgotten, or it was another more hype/lies to get the members excited i.e. The Wire? -Michael
  4. Magic Man4293

    Five Points In Magic

    Hey I was wondering how many people bought The Five Points In Magic book for the whole Wayne Houchin Junto Sessions thing? -Michael
  5. Magic Man4293

    TA for $270

    Just thought Id let anyone who wanted to buy TA know about this deal. -Michael
  6. Magic Man4293

    LIT Review

    NOTE: I did not just buy this from theory11 and made a review. I bought it from here at a discount a while ago so please no complaining ;) now for the review... *LIT REVIEW* “From the mind of Dan White and Dan Hauss...
  7. Magic Man4293

    What is Theory11?

    Theory11 don’t not take this as bickering or bad attitude because I mean this with the highest degree of respect.... Before I go off in to never never land, let me give everyone the back story..... Last week the Pressure teaser came out and in the teaser you could see the effect for a brief...
  8. Magic Man4293


    Hey guys, I am doing a website/blog thing and wanted to put reviews up from other people. If you want your review to go up link me to them and tell me what name to use. If you don't put a name I will default you as anonymous. Thanks, Michael
  9. Magic Man4293

    Massa Playing Card Review

    *MASSA PLAYING CARD REVIEW* This is a review of Massa playing cards. I have had these cards for over two weeks and have been using them non-stop. Here is my review broken down pice by piece. FINISH: These cards have a linen finish that were made by CPC LTD. And this is one of, if not...
  10. Magic Man4293

    Fake Accounts/General Response

    I don't know if I should post this but... What the hell is a matter with the majority of members on this site? In the past couple of weeks there have been more fake accounts than I can count. It started with Incognito and now Magicdude09. I am not saying that these accounts aren't...
  11. Magic Man4293

    How to change the title of your own thread

    I know that there are a lot of people who don't think there is a way to change the title of your thread. Well I'm not sure this has been posted before but there is a way. Lets say you submit a thread (in this case it is in General Discussion) and you realize that you accidentally posted a...
  12. Magic Man4293

    Magic Relatedness

    Guys I am starting to see a lot of threads that are closed my the mods do to not being magic related. But I feel that even if the topic doesn't pertain to magic, the views on a non magic related topic thrust it into the category of magic related because the views on the certain topic are made...
  13. Magic Man4293

    Blind: First Thoughts/Review

    Im sure all of you have seen Blind in the 1-on-1 section by now. I will break the trick down to Before,During,and After you do the effect. BEFORE: Now before you start the effect one deck needs a set up and it should take less then one minute and you can't do it in the in front of the...
  14. Magic Man4293

    Brian Brushwood on Paula's Party

    I'm channel surfing and on the food network channel Brain Brushwood will be on a cooking show within this hour. Thought I'd let you know. -Michael EDIT: His segment is over thank you BRodgers for posting a video link. -Michael
  15. Magic Man4293

    Artist Q&A

    I was just watching this video again. And was wondering if there will be any more like Chris said. I realize there is the round table discussions but video format is much better. Maybe someone has an answer. -Michael
  16. Magic Man4293

    PROPAGANDA: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    PROPAGANDA The Good The Bad and The Ugly Now I am going to do this review in three parts good, bad, and ugly obvious right? GOOD: Well these cards are pretty thin so they do a good job at The: Back palm, Front palm, Tenkai palm, Gambler’s cop, and Warping. Also they do adopt the maroon...
  17. Magic Man4293


    I just started playing guitar 2 months ago and now am doing songs. Needless to say my fingers hurt like hell and I just started flourishing has any else had this problem? And when the calluses develop do the affect my flourishing? Thanks, -Michael
  18. Magic Man4293

    Penn Says

    Not exactly magic related, none the less fun to watch. -Michael
  19. Magic Man4293

    Your Ambitions

    I've been reading some threads that inspired me to ask everyone, what do you want to do in life? Magic related non-magic related what are your dreams in life? -Michael
  20. Magic Man4293

    Torrents vs Selling

    First off I don't not condone or condemn torrenting magic or second hand selling it. Now I would like to get some opinions on this is torrenting magic any different than buying it off ebay? With both Comes from a purchased dvd Creators make no money...
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