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    New Website Layout!

    We just recently updated our site, and i just wanted to get some feedback on it. Much appreciated!
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    Magic Castle Routines

    Hey guys! So anyways, i will be trying out for the Junior Program at the Magic Castle in march, and i was just wondering what peoples routines were for it.....
  3. J

    Magic Castle Help

    Hey Guys! I am trying out for the Magic Castle in March, and i was wondering if anybody had any good ideas as far as routines go...... Thanks!
  4. J

    Help - Another Magician at School

    So a couple of friends and I are into magic, and we do magic at school during lunch for people. One of my friends just recently learned clipshift, and now he thinks he is the SH*T.... He is extremely cocky now. Eveytime i show someone a trick now he steals it. But the worst part is that he...
  5. J

    Gecko - Any good?

    recently i have heard a lot about Gecko, people are saying that it is the hottest trick of 08 and what not.... is it really worth paying 70 bucks for, or is it just a waste of time. and is the gimmick any good? thanks
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