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  1. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Youth Magicians - What Would You Ask the Pro's?

    Hey, everyone. Some folks here may know that I am a columnist for the Linking Ring Magazine, a monthly publication for members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. I am beginning to work on a completely new column for the magazine that is focused on the youth of magic, and the...
  2. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Midwest Magic Jubilee

    Hey, guys. Is anyone here planning to be at the Midwest Magic Jubilee that's coming up? For anyone who doesn't know, it's in St. Louis, MO August 12-15'th. I'll be there in the dealers room with at Bob Sander's booth. I'd love to meet up with anyone who'll be out there. -Cliff
  3. Cliff|Bumgardner

    IBM Youth Members - Get Your Name Out There!

    Hey guys, It's been a few months, so I just wanted to come on and say that I am still looking for young IBM members to feature in upcoming editions of the Linking Ring magazine. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18 years old, and a current member of IBM International (attending a local...
  4. Cliff|Bumgardner

    "Remote Viewing" Live at a Charity Talent Show

    Hey guys, I wanted to share with you a video of myself performing Andrew Mayne's "Zine Test" from the booklet "Third Eye" at a charity show I performed in last November. The Kris Marceno Foundation is a terrific organization and it was truly and amazing night. In hindsight, there are...
  5. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Magic Community - Charity and My Future

    Hey guys, As some of you might know from my website, in addition to being a magic addict I am also an aspiring filmmaker. I have a small scholarship to a local film school that I hope to attend in about a year and a half and, currently, I post all of my work (which, admittedly, is very...
  6. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Paul Harris' Whack Your Pack - Live... in a Santa Hat

    Hey guys, Here's a little video of my handling one of my all time favorite effects, Paul Harris' Whack Your Pack (or Reflex). The video was filmed at a gig I did just last week, which explains the Santa hat :) (in hindsight, the hat was covering my eyes... which I didn't know at the time)...
  7. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Would You Like to be Featured in the Linking Ring Magazine?

    Hi everyone, I am now writing the youth article for the monthly Linking Ring Magazine, one of the oldest and largest publications for magicians in the world, and am currently looking for several of my magical brothers and sisters to write about. If you or someone you know are eighteen or...
  8. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Harbor Change Download Issue (updated)

    I just bought the Harbor Change 1on1 and when i tried to download it all I received was a blank php file, no video. C
  9. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Myself Featured In The Linking Ring Magazine

    Hey guys, This month I am honored to be featured in Dakota Rose's Millenials Rising column. I'd really appreciate all of your thoughts on the article as it really means a lot to me. Take note that, since the writing of this article, I have been focused more on close up than parlor...
  10. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Symphony - Ed Marlo's B.D.E. Force

    I originally posted the following question in the Symphony thread shortly after the DVD was released. The thread quickly died and no answer was given, so I thought I'd repost the question here. Understand that I am in no way trying to cause any controversy over crediting, I am simply trying to...
  11. Cliff|Bumgardner

    "Original Ideas"

    I think this speaks to all forms of creation, and in our case, magic. C
  12. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Tricycle - Luke Dancy | Daniel Garcia

    Price: $19.95 Available at: MJM Magic (Click Here) Effect: The logo on a Bicycle card box visually morphs into the name of a selected card. There are also numerous other reveals possible with the Tricycle card box, including a reveal in the bar code, reveals on the sides of the box, and a...
  13. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Always Remember To Floss by Dan Sperry

    Always Remember To Floss By Dan Sperry Available At: Price: $15 Format: PDF Effect: "The magician displays a packet of double edge straight razor blades. He removes three of them (the effect can be done with more than three) and shows that they are indeed real by...
  14. Cliff|Bumgardner

    North Carolina Magicians - Meet-Up Interest

    Hey guys, I'm looking to see how many NC magicians would be interested in attending a meet-up later this year (as of right now, a Saturday in August). There is an important event taking place this summer for magicians and the art form in North Carolina. I cannot give details at the...
  15. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Imperial Destruction

    Hey guys, Here's my first flourishing video like this that I've done. Please keep in mind that I am not a flourisher or cardist but a magician. Flourishing is just something I do for fun now and again. The video is very simple but that is the style I chose. There is also a hidden little...
  16. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Art - An Escape From Self Harm

    Hey guys, About a month ago I filmed a news piece with my local TV station concerning art, in my case magic, as an escape and alternative to suicide. The piece came out well enough so I figured I'd share it with you guys. WRAL - Hopeline Offers Help for the Depressed Thanks, C...
  17. Cliff|Bumgardner

    California Magic Vlogs

    Hey guys, Last weekend I flew out to California to hang out with my good friend, and theory11 member, Ben Den Hartog (BenjaminD). While on the trip I filmed a series of Video Logs (Vlogs) of our adventures. Most of them will just be videos from being on the road and such, but the video for...
  18. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Dan Sperry's Crimson Playing Cards

    Dan Sperry's Crimson Playing Cards Price: $6.95 Available at: MJM Magic & Dan Sperry Pre-Opening: One mistake I believe some people make when reviewing Playing Cards is to get the cards out of the mailbox and immediately open them and try them out. In transit (and sitting in your mailbox)...
  19. Cliff|Bumgardner

    The Faro Shuffle + FFF by Homer Liwag

    The Faro Shuffle + FFF By Homer Liwag Moves Taught: The Faro Shuffle The Filipino False Faro or FFF with several variations Effect Taught: Triumph Thoughts: On this latest 1on1 Homer teaches you a classic, over 300 year old, sleight that every card magician should know and love. The...
  20. Cliff|Bumgardner

    Worlds Greatest Magic - Coin In Bottle - Michael Ammar's Corked Coin In Bottle

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here had the Worlds Greatest Magic Coin In Bottle DVD by L&L as I am interested in putting the coin in bottle effect into my restaurant work. I am most interested to see if Michael Ammar's coin in bottle where the bottle is still corked is taught on this...
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