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  1. Farrell

    M5 & Flow

    While they're at it, make it make sense.
  2. Farrell

    My iPod and 1-on-1's

    This site.
  3. Farrell

    Researching Magic - How do you get sources?

    This may be what you're looking for.
  4. Farrell

    I'm off.

    Well seeing as there isn't anybody in particular I like here I thought a wider address to the community would be a more sensible option.
  5. Farrell

    I'm off.

    Yeah I'm leaving, if you don't know who I am just look over my previous posts and that's the type of guy that I'm not anymore so peace out.
  6. Farrell

    #1 Reply for Hecklers

    You've failed.
  7. Farrell

    Skater Cut Kickflip

    Learnt it on your own, it hasn't been published.
  8. Farrell

    The M5

    Maybe ask on ellusionist?
  9. Farrell

    [Ask] The Jones Change on the DnD Trilogy

    Yeah I just guessed obviously.
  10. Farrell

    [Ask] The Jones Change on the DnD Trilogy

    Welcome to 9 months ago, the weather hasn't changed much.
  11. Farrell

    Ellusionist blog post on DB

    Three quote chain, that's got to be some sort of record.
  12. Farrell

    Ellusionist blog post on DB

    So what, can't you go and cry about it elsewhere?
  13. Farrell

    Your first flourish?

    The charlier more than 3 years ago. Still can't do it in both hands.
  14. Farrell

    Is there a difference in quality between standard Bicycles and Seconds?

    It's generally just printing defects but the quality isn't much different.
  15. Farrell

    Bicycle Pro's!

    It's the cotton-paper blend thing that makes them feel amazing, the only downside is the fugly faces.
  16. Farrell

    Music for the magician...

    Just guitar, bass and piano.
  17. Farrell

    If I buy...

    I would get a good book and some tally's/bicycles.
  18. Farrell

    Best place for Cards is a good one for cards lots of selection but can get pricy.
  19. Farrell

    theory11 news bulletin 09/10/08 : Special Presentation

    A re-release? Shock and horror another original idea by theory11.
  20. Farrell

    Death to the Double Undercut :: Review

    You ACTUALLY bought it, wow.
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