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  1. c3rb3rus

    Expert at the Card Table

    yes it looks like the D&D are selling a reproduction of the first edition of Erdnase, which is a collectors item and is priced accordingly... you can get an idea from the small descirption on their sale page. if your not looking for a collector's item them look for a more reasonably priced...
  2. c3rb3rus

    Gibson Close-Up Pad

    i have an Apollo Close-Up Pad 16 x 23 that i got through .. but i have been hearing alot of good stuff about the pads made by Pattrick Przysiecki at who btw makes pads for some big names in magic... might pick up a custom sized one from him...
  3. c3rb3rus

    Twilight Angels

    you can pick up the original trick for a couple of bucks and re-fills (a pack of 10) for even lower.. i would recommend the magic warehouse. -Abe
  4. c3rb3rus

    Making a deck of cards last longer? feel smoother for spreads etc..

    here is a small article i wrote that might help you out. -Abe
  5. c3rb3rus

    Card Wallet

    i just placed an order for a Mullica Wallet (original not hip pocket model) on Monday.. the loading is a no palm load which can pretty much be done surrounded. -Abe
  6. c3rb3rus

    quick question

    BOOK ONLY $75 + Shipping (A) *scroll down on the page slightly* (A) Send $75 + $5 for shipping in the continental U.S. (5-7 days). Send $75 + $11 for Priority Mail shipping in the continental U.S. (2-3 days). Canadian shipping $20. All other international orders, add $35 shipping. so...
  7. c3rb3rus

    quick question

    for those who dont know what EOPCF means its "Encyclopeida of Playing Card Flourishes" which is a massive book with all kinds of good information on diffrent flourishes. you can pick up a copy from Jerry's site at ... but it is not cheap. -Abe
  8. c3rb3rus

    theory11 podcast - Cardistry Initiative 2009

    excelent discussion you all had there .. i really enjoyed hearing the options of all of you on the current state of the flourishing community. -Abe
  9. c3rb3rus

    theory11 podcast - Cardistry Initiative 2009

    very nice Mr. Jikh .. already checked it out. -Abe
  10. c3rb3rus

    Homer Liwag's coins

    yeah a good custom set of Morgan coins from Lassen or Schoolcraft is gonna run you around 300 dollars .. myself i've been hitting ebay for about 2 months and change tracking down several 1921 Morgan dollars that come close to the same wear on em.. got myself 6 of them now, had to do a little...
  11. c3rb3rus

    Virts Move

    Kevin: SATWOM Damn Straight Twisty McVee Racoon Daren: Mockingbird Lilo Stitch Twist of Fate Squeeze Distortion Huron: Firefly those are the only ones i can remember off the top of my head. i am sure that these are only a fraction of what is in their arsenal though .. i havent been too...
  12. c3rb3rus

    The Virts' "Gambit" Video

    now there seem to be ppl trying to lower the ratings on the comments of the Gambit video, so that they do not show up .. everyone that has an account on digg go on there and give each other a thumbs up on the comments or they will eventually silence all the comments. -Abe
  13. c3rb3rus

    The Virts' "Gambit" Video

    make sure and create an account on Digg and increase the views on the video -Abe
  14. c3rb3rus

    The Virts' "Gambit" Video

    you should have put the link to the Digg so that it gets higher views. -Abe
  15. c3rb3rus

    Happy Birthday dude.. have a good one in McAllen -Abe

    Happy Birthday dude.. have a good one in McAllen -Abe
  16. c3rb3rus

    // Official 1-on-1 Discussion Thread \\

    like i said on twitter ... haha talk about lucky guess :P -Abe
  17. c3rb3rus

    Enough With the Jumbo Coin Endings!

    it would make more sence if you added "illusion" to the line "your probably wondering how this whole thing is done.. i'll show ya... its called sleight of hand, misdirection and illusion.." "sleight of hand is when i pretend to take the coin" *do the action* .... raise your hand and say...
  18. c3rb3rus

    Copper/Silver Transposition vs. Digital Dissolve

    more bluntly put .. the gimmick is not a copper/silver coin. -Abe
  19. c3rb3rus

    The Virts :: Update + VIRTtV

    really ... because i got it on the first try -Abe
  20. c3rb3rus

    The Virts :: Update + VIRTtV

    you can just as easily do the move by springing the cards onto a table you dont NEED to have another person to de the spring for you. -Abe
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