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  1. Sean.Cinco

    Is there a wheel prize you DON'T want?

    Right? I've been striking out since I won 50 points on day one.
  2. Sean.Cinco

    America's Got Talent - Stripper Magician

    Not necessarily, but when you have other magicians committing credit card fraud from their own magic shop and others practicing very illegal and unethical practices, I'm sure that it dwarfs the issue of making a ring appear on a nipple chain.
  3. Sean.Cinco

    America's Got Talent - Stripper Magician

    I don't understand how this is a disgrace to magicians. I mean it's not like he was arrested for credit card fraud or for unlawful sex acts or hypnotizing children.
  4. Sean.Cinco

    Steve Cohen in MAGIC Magazine!

    Thanks for the heads up Casey! I saw his show last year at the Waldorf and it's definitely a class act!
  5. Sean.Cinco

    Youtube and Vimeo Channels? There isn't much magic, but I have a few performance clips on there.
  6. Sean.Cinco

    Cannibal Cards

    If you can get a hold of Curtis Kam's book, he has the best Cannibal Cards routine I've seen in there.
  7. Sean.Cinco

    Saturday Night Roundtable with Steve Cohen

    Here are my questions for Mr. Cohen: 1. I've read your book Win the Crowd many times and I always learn something new each time I read it. What would you say is the most important piece of advice to take from the book? 2. When you take Chamber Magic to different cities, what is your criteria...
  8. Sean.Cinco

    Actor, Comedian, Street Magician from the Philippines

    Agreed. The issue of Bearwin Meily exposing secrets in his show is old news. Locked for unnecessary grave digging.
  9. Sean.Cinco

    Garrett Thomas lecture last night in Ohio

    Garrett Thomas' lecture was the first (and still my favorite) lecture that I ever attended. His thoughts and theories about magic are phenomenal. Glad to see that you got to attend one!
  10. Sean.Cinco

    Chris Kenner - TOOC

    Out of curiosity, why are you looking to sell the book? It's OOP and too good to let go.
  11. Sean.Cinco

    FOURFIT :: Restoration #1

    Hi Nathanael, To be exact, all you need is a deck of cards. If you have a deck of cards and the FourFit video, you're good to go.
  12. Sean.Cinco

    FOURFIT :: Restoration #1

    To quote what Alex posted on the cafe in regards to the handling... "In the DVD Reuben teaches how to hand out the card at the end, the switch happens during the last restoration. This means - you don't need to go back to the deck and switch the card. Also, keep in any other tnr...
  13. Sean.Cinco

    FOURFIT :: Restoration #1

    Hey guys, I went ahead and merged all three of the FourFit threads into one to reduce the clutter on the forums. As far as FourFit itself goes, Alex showed it to me when he came down to film a project with a friend of mine. What you see in the three teasers is what you get and it's a torn...
  14. Sean.Cinco

    Michael Jackson pumped to put illusion in show

    I saw Katy's concert here in Orlando over the summer. The quick change looked even better in real life, and of course, I was the only one who got really excited when she did it while my girlfriend just sang along and shook her head in embarrassment at the same time.
  15. Sean.Cinco

    Shell question

    A bang ring will do the trick if you have one. If not, place the coin and the shell in the bottom of a glass and shake the glass around enough for the coin to hit the sides. That should get the coin out of the shell. Don't shake the glass too hard or you might dent the shell and it'll become...
  16. Sean.Cinco

    On n off pinky with ring

    Goldfinger can be found in Harkey's book titled "Simply Harkey", which is now out of print. There aren't alot of videos around of the move either, but I think Alex Pandrea does it in the Magic-Con 2010 video that Zach Mueller made. Anyway, love the effect! It caught me off guard for a sec.
  17. Sean.Cinco

    New method of making money from magic?

    You mean "Many Colours Avaliable".
  18. Sean.Cinco

    Part of theory11 team?

    To be honest, I was emailing back and forth with Jon Raiker when he was still part of the team and then out of the blue, he just asked me if I wanted to be a mod. Since then, I haven't been as active as I used to be with school, work, and The Blue Crown taking up most of my time (not that it's...
  19. Sean.Cinco

    Green Crowns

    Kevin pretty much summed it up. One additional thing I want to say is that I've been using the same deck since May. I perform with them and always have them in my pocket. Being in the Florida humidity, you would think that these cards would be ruined within a week. For a standard deck of...
  20. Sean.Cinco

    t11's biggest release - This Week!

    It's 11. Let's see what it is.
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