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    Saturday Night Contest - JAQK Prediction

    King of hearts and 8 of clubs, good luck everybody!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Cards in Hands

    LEFT: two of hearts RIGHT: King of spades LEFT: eight of spades RIGHT: Ace of hearts
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    Saturday Night Contest - Memorial Day

    Red: king of diamonds White: Eight of hearts Blue: three of clubs Red: Jack of spades White: Joker Blue: Seven of clubs
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Magician

    1. 8 of spades, King of Diamonds 2. 6 of Spades, 7 of Hearts 3. Ace of Clubs, 3 of Clubs
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    Welcome to Our New Moderators!

    Congrats guys!! May the force be with you!!
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    Sold Out Cards

    It could take some time... Or they could be on their way to the warehouse. The only thing you can do is wait or try to buy it elsewhere or buy the other decks but the Medallions.
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    Saturday Night Contest - All Natural

    As long as you don't edit the effect itself. But I'd recommend you not to do any camera cuts or things alike.
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    The wire bugs.

    Probably cause you are not signed up or in. I mean, sign in and if you have saved all of your info, you won't need to do that. And about the credit card info, there's on little box just underneath the credit card information, it says save my credit card info or something like that, so you select...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Contraband Card Lotto

    Card 1: King of diamonds Card 2: 6 of hearts Card 1: 4 of clubs Card 2: Jack of spades
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    Uncut Sheets...?

    This is what I did: I rolled them up the opposite, I mean try to roll them the other way they are rolled up. Frames? in a decoration store or something like that, maybe in a furniture store. I went to a carpenter and he made me one, I gave him the the Uncut Sheet's dimensions and that was it. I...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Year in Review

    My biggest accomplishment this year is getting my Private Pilot Licence. It's a huge accomplishment because it has taken me a while and a fair amount of income has been thanks to a few magic gigs, thanks to a lot of stuffs I've been learning from this amazing site. My next goal is my commercial...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Tricks with Treats my treat Hahaha, good luck to everybody!
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    White erasable ink?

    What i would recommend you is, go to a office supplies store like staples or something like that, find the Frixion spot, buy some white pen (if it's possible all the white ones you can find) and test em or go online, you might find some frixion pen in white.
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 throwback

    I won woohoo!!! Thanks guys.
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 throwback

    1. Apollo Robins 2. Blake Vogt 3. Jonathan Bayme 4. Jason England 5. Daniel Garcia 6. Homer Liwag 1. Apollo Robins 2. Blake Vogt 3. Jonathan Bayme 4. Michael James 5. Patrick Kun 6. Homer Liwag
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    Saturday Night Contest - Into the Wind

    Here'S my entry, good luck to everybody
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Jason England

    What made you to get into card gambling/techniques? Have you ever cheated in a Casino or in any poker game? let me rephrase that, have you ever used your amazing skills in a casino or a poker game? What you would've liked to be or what you would've been, if you weren't a ninja card technician?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl XLVIII

    Winner: Broncos Score: 37 - 7 Winner: Seahawks Score: 24- 18
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    Prophet by tom isaacson

    you can do it with any denomination and currency.
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