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    Retention Vanish

    Hey Everybody, I was just wondering what all of your favorite retention vanishes are and where you learned them? Thanks, Holo
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    Coin routines

    I would just like some people's recommendations for coin routines. I think I would like to be doing 3 coin routines at the moment. Preferably, a coins across, a one coin routine, and a third one for good measure. The reason I want three routines, is that I am not currently working on cards...
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    Practicing Clipshift

    Hey All, I was just wondering what you guys think is the best way to practice clipshift. Like if you should practice as if you were doing the move for an audience of turn it over so you can get the finger positioning down, or both. Any advice on how to practice this because I am having a fair...
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    Control Help

    I have the Control Download, and I am having issues with a part of the method, so could someone pm me?
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    Need Help

    Hey guys, i need a short and sweet coin routine. I have In the beginning there were coins, and modern coin magic volume 1, so if anyone has any suggestions on just an effect, i can make my own method using the sleights taught in these DVDS
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    Wynns or Centurions?

    I want to know if you guys recommend performing with my wynns or my centurions since these are my favorite cards. So, centurions, wynns, or both
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    Got my hands on some money

    Hey guys, i got my hands on some money, and i wanted to get a big trick for walk around like a pk or something. do u guys have any recommendations???
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    New Guy Here

    Hey guys, I've actually been doing magic for a while, but i recently decided to join the theory11 forums. I would like some advice on card tricks i should do because i am currently working on improving my sleight of hand. Here are the tricks(that have names) that I do: Blindsided Indecent...
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