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    Is it too early to learn advanced moves ?

    You should learn the basics from Genesis before jumping onto Solo. Solo have a lot of one handed cuts like scissor cut. You should practice on you foundation first ye.
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    Under Pressure help

    Hey! I have a problem when Im doing the under pressure flourish. I start by doing the pressure fan halfway, and when Im going to ¨spring them back¨, the card in my hand and the card that Im going to spring out, fly out of my hand. I can spring cards and do the pressure fan, so can anyone...
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    Midnight works

    That looks awesome! Where did you learn some of that stuff?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Animal Kingdom Lotto

    1. Ace of spade, four of heart and Jack of clubs 2. two of hearts, seven of clubs and three of diamons 3. Ace of diamonds, ten of spade and 6 of spade
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    Newbie Here - Asking for a couple recommendations

    Genesis v1 & 2, Also the Trilogy by Dan & Dave Buck. They teach many cool things there. (Color changes, card throws etc etc..)
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    Beginning in Cardistry

    Genesis v1 and v2 are great, you should check those out. The trilogy is also a good place to start, and then you can add The System by Dan and Dave Buck. I would also recommend revolution cut, scissor cut and hot shot cut. Revolution and Scissor cut are taught in Genesis v1 :D
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    Flourish with foot

    Hello. When I mean flourish with the foot, I dont mean your doing it with your foot. I have seen some flourishes where someone throw a packet, and they hit it with their foot and it bounces up again (Vertigo) I have also seen Andrei Jikh do it with a single card, anyone knows it...
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Ask Andrei Anything

    Lol, I live in Norway so I didn't get a chance to ask any questions .. Well well, congratz anyway
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    "Bottomless" New Trick

    Yea, actually it is both's fault, but anyway, it ain't that serious, it should have been free or removed from the Wire. Just my taught tough, no hard feelings.
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    "Bottomless" New Trick

    It looks pretty identical to DG's coin thru glass. You hand position just makes it that clear, but it ain't your fault man.
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