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  1. Alexh

    Irving Quant - One Hour Live Lecture

    Hey guys, Our friend Irving Quant has graciously volunteered to do a 1 hour live in-depth video lecture for FREE. This will be taking place at 9:00 pm CST TONIGHT. Irving will also be giving away a new deck of S&M v4 playing cards (donated by exomagic). What do you have to do? show up...
  2. Alexh

    Draven Reviews: Liquid Metal by Morgan Strebler

    [Edit] I have been receiving comments from users asking if I had permission to publish this review, and I wanted to inform everyone that I do. I work closely with Draven, and this is a collaborative project between William Draven and ExoMagic. This review was done by William Draven, and...
  3. Alexh

    Smoke & Mirrors v4 by Dan and Dave

    Hey everyone, I did a video review on these. I know my video editing isn't really up to par, but I touched based on some important features of these playing cards. Also, William Draven will soon have a nice review of these playing cards as well. So I am definitely looking forward to that. Let...
  4. Alexh

    Shane Black - Meet-n-Greet

    I have talked to Shane Black and he has told me he would like to do a "meet and greet" @ ExoMagic's TinyChat. This won't be a normal meet and greet from what was explained to me. It will also include a little lesson for all that attend. I am wanting to get a list of questions together for the...
  5. Alexh

    New Deck - want reviews

    Hey guys, I made a video up, thought I would share it with the world. I know I know, ANOTHER deck of cards... we're all tired of hearing about this. But you haven't seen a deck like this before! Lemme know what you all think! w00t.
  6. Alexh

    Trip to Haiti

    Hey everyone, I am swinging by Theory11 to ask for your assistance. Myself and my friend will be traveling to Haiti with James L. Clark the 2nd week of March. We are pooling together funding and medical supplies. Please take time out of your day to review our single-page requesting assistance...
  7. Alexh

    The Art of Impossibility Part 1

    Evening everyone :) A few days ago I stumbled across a thread on my ExoMagic. After reading this thread it literally made me sit back, think, and say to myself "Wow". Literally, it had this effect on me. The creator of this wonderful piece of artwork goes by the alias "Segachtek". Now, as...
  8. Alexh

    RSS Feeds

    Dear Theory11 Staff, I am a fellow magician and website owner. I have a magic website which has a large community. This community loves to come to one place for all its magic-related news. I think it would be a great feature for Theory11 on many levels to install a RSS feed. Pros...
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