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  1. RemyYeldrem

    Tangled Web and Steranko on Cards.

    Okay, so I recently lost my copy of Steranko on Cards, and I'm also looking for Tangled Web but they both seem to be out of stock, everywhere I look. Have they been discontinued?
  2. RemyYeldrem


    So I recently made my first purchase from Daniel Madison's website. The payment has gone through and the confirmation email confirmed that all UK orders are dispatched within 48 hours. It's now been almost a fortnight, and nothing. Despite the emails and the phone calls I've made, I have had no...
  3. RemyYeldrem

    Dirty Bastard!

    So, as some body who solely practices gambling techniques I'm a big fan of the Dirty Bastard Theory. For those of you who are wondering why I'm swearing, and what this theory is. It's the theory of looking like you have no idea how to handle a deck of cards, but still executing moves - which...
  4. RemyYeldrem

    Middle Deal... Help!

    Alright, so I've been doing gambling for about 3 years, now. And I decided to learn the middle deal recently, however, I really cannot begin to understand it from the description given it Expert Card Technique. Does anybody know of a good resource to learn from, I'm considering Finding The...
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