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  1. Justinquill

    In case you haven't seen it.

    Hey Theory 11 crew, I know it's been awhile since I've posted on here, but I saw this tonight and it made me think of you all. If you haven't seen this yet, it's a documentary about the comedy Magician, The Amazing Johnathan. This is not my youtube channel nor is this something I'm promoting...
  2. Justinquill

    Saturday Night Contest - March Madness

    Villanova 68-55
  3. Justinquill

    Mentalism fundamentals

    I will 100% be taking you up on this offer.
  4. Justinquill

    Mentalism fundamentals

    I'm happy you bring up acting and theatrics, I have a BFA degree from NKU, and have been very active in theater and live performance my entire late teenage and adult life. That really gives me hope. As for the books, as long as I've been on this site, I have yet to see you steer anyone wrong...
  5. Justinquill

    Mentalism fundamentals

    Hey Theory 11 crew, So I have the chance to go buy some books this Friday and I would love to add a couple of books on Mentalism to my shelf. Does any one have any recommendations on books that explain the fundamentals and systems of Mentalism, not really looking for just a book of "tricks"...
  6. Justinquill

    Thoughts on Mark Wilson's "Complete Course in Magic"

    It was one of the first books on magic that I ever owned and it has been very helpful.
  7. Justinquill

    Fire Eating

    There is a busking act in my area that opens with a fire breathing routine and then goes into a bunch of crazy contortionist routine....but I can tell you first hand from watching this guy do is several times, yes breathing fire into the air will draw a crowd if there is a crowd to be drawn.
  8. Justinquill

    Why does magic exist?
  9. Justinquill

    Who do you think is the best magic teacher today?

    If you ever get the chance to see Garrett Thomas give a lecture go for it, his insight on how to perform and why to perform is amazing. Also, it's a bit costly but learning from the hand of Michael Vincent is an investment that is well worth it. He is patient and amazing in his technique.
  10. Justinquill

    Performance vs Other Magicians

    Everything depends on what audience I'm performing for. If I know I'm performing for a bunch of magicians, I'm going to do some stuff that I know would entertain magicians, if I'm performing for a giant audience of laymen I will focus way more on my performance and use not so "knuckle busting"...
  11. Justinquill

    Magic Vlog

    Tyler, Good start my friend. I really enjoyed the vlog, specially because you do nailed it! That is one of the first tricks I invested a lot of real time into outside of card magic. I like your review videos but I think the vlog is going to be a big hit for you! I liked and subscribed.
  12. Justinquill

    Rough/Smooth question

    Email went out on Friday to their support. I understand how busy the holidays can be, so I'm happy to wait until they are able to get to me, be it any time next week. Thanks for the tips!
  13. Justinquill

    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions for 2018

    If 2017 is any indication 2018 will change my life. I started doing magic in January of 2018 and quickly picked up multiple books and contacts that helped me absorb all I could and truly made me the magician I am at the back of this year. I had my first street performance in March, my first...
  14. Justinquill

    Rough/Smooth question

    Hey theory 11 crew, I was just given Villian from Daniel Madison as a gift and I was wondering if any one had a good source on how to best use rough/smooth additives to cards. The well meaning gift giver decided to give it to me and delete the email that had the how to vid. Soooo..if anyone...
  15. Justinquill

    Gifting magic!

    Hey Theory 11 crew! So I just wanted to start a thread to see what cool magic books/dvds/gimmicks you were gifted this season. It's fun to see what people received and how it changes what they are doing, if it changes anything at all. For me, I was gifted,Tangled Web by Eric Mead, The Pass...
  16. Justinquill

    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto

    Red: Two of Clubs Green: Jack of Diamonds Red: Five of Clubs Green: Seven of Diamonds
  17. Justinquill

    Pass Troubles

    To go along with what everyone says, I know the first couple of times I performed the pass, I was like, "There is no way, they didn't notice that." but they didn't. Remember for moves like this, don't think like a magician, the audience for the most part should be in your control, looking...
  18. Justinquill

    Worn out Cards

    I go through about a deck every two or three days, even faster if I'm actively practicing for an upcoming show. For me.... 1. When the cards lose a bit of their snap and start to stick together. 2. I put the cards back in their tuck case and then put the deck in a big box I have. Once that...
  19. Justinquill

    Best books on equivocation/magician's choice?

    Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic has some good stuff on this in it. You can find them in the Roll Any Number force and the Three way test. Happy reading, this book is full of interesting things.
  20. Justinquill

    Elite Points Won As of 15th December

    550 elite points won so far this season. Really excited to put these toward future elite points to get some of those sweet archive items.
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